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dance divine ~ collective birth
in light of individual death passages

A death passage is a sacred birth celebrated by Spirit.  While we grieve the loss of a loved one, we can also celebrate the higher vibratory emergence which one's death passage signifies.

As a collective we are going through a profound transition which requires death of an old paradigm and birth of new ways which vibrate at a higher level.  This means that we must work individually and collectively to expand our vibratory awareness to achieve this ascension.

In 1993 I opened to a spontaneous gift when my mother made her death passage. I was most certainly deeply grief stricken, yet somehow I expanded into a larger consciousness to participate in one of the most breathtaking moments of my life. Since that time I have walked many people across the veil between worlds. I am hoping that if I can adequately describe the state in which I am immersed when doing this work that it might inform our collective birth into the new world.


It is from the above perspective that one enters the portal way into the expanded world to witness the incredible beauty of a death passage or birth of new consciousness. Anything less does not contain the key. When my mother crossed over, before I could be in this place I had to sob and sob. The overwhelming grief had to release before I could be in a place to receive the messages from Divine Essence. I returned to her room to find it filled with the majestic radiance of angelic presence and vivid color emanating from the subtle realms. It was like walking into an enchanted fairy kingdom with all the love, joy and deep peace that one would wish. My mother never looked more beautiful or pure. The flowers sang gently of the newness of life. Angels gave promise of caring for all of the details for which I had no answers.

In preparing for our collective birth, we must look through this lens of perception. We cannot go forward dragging all of the perceived problems which our minds have replayed and magnified over time. These problems do not have to be solved before we are allowed to transform.  We need to grieve our monumental loss then shift our attention to our expanded awareness.  When we look with wonder, awe and reverence into a baby's eyes, we aren't thinking of the sickness during the pregnancy, the complications of the delivery or the adoption.  We are filled with inexplicable wonder at the miracle of this moment.  Our hearts explode with love, joy and excitement enough to fill the whole world.


This certainty is a depth of knowing that does not waiver. As a state of pure awareness, it is impenetrable by thoughts and emotions. While I was singing to my mother during her last two hours here, all of the activities of the nursing home were in full blossom. She had been there for three weeks having been taken from the hospital to see my father who was upstairs recuperating from a massive stroke. There were carts moving up and down the hall, voices over the loud speaker, people coming and going. Outside there was a storm raging with all the intensity of a Hollywood production. None of this interfered. There was a purposeful rhythm to all, the dance of life on its various levels of consciousness playing out in my field of awareness: people helping people, flowers pulsing joyous color, lightning and thunder piercing the day, blessed angels helping my mother. While I had no idea what was going to happen next, I was absolutely resting in the Hand of Divine Presence.

In our collective expansion, we are one with Divine Timing and the Greater Rhythm. The shift to knowing that all is cared for is different from being immersed in the state of duality in which the mind reins. Knowing is a peaceful presence which acts more like a witness to the energy moving through its sphere of awareness. Things might be problematic but when released from judgment they are not empowered and thus fade out. In spite of how things seem, we must keep our thoughts focused on this higher knowing.


This is definitely a receptive state where we always keep the door open for Spirit to show us the true way.  Answers provided by Spirit are sublimely elegant in the most precise definition of the word.  There is optimal use of energy and all needs are considered.  Listening in this way removes the stress of having to figure out things beyond our sphere of accomplishment.

When I was walking my mother to the Other Side, I had no idea what might transpire next. In gazing intently through my third eye, I could vividly see that we were walking in a heavy fog. Its density obscured all else. I didn't know what the fog was or where we were going. The only map was my internal sonar. So, I kept walking with my mom in my arms and I kept listening for the next insight to learn what to do. Meanwhile, on this dimension I was singing continuously at her bedside. I was absolutely focused and absolutely open.

With the current collective expansion in process, it seems imperative that we become absolutely focused and stay absolutely open. We don't know exactly what is going to happen or how. What an amazing mystery! What if we listen for that next insight to be revealed instead of fearing what the world stage would have us believe is the only resolution. How would this impact our journey? Certainly it is more joyful and creates many more options. This is what Maia and Simeon of Spirit Heart Sanctuary are so beautifully helping us to understand.


Nothing else matters except for this moment and this process. The curiosity aroused has us poised for action when the need arises. As a choreographer I work with improvisation to allow for the unfolding of the mystery. No one knows exactly what will happen next or how the piece will turn out. A movement challenge presents itself and an answer unfolds within the context of the current moment. Everyone celebrates enormously when a new expression emerges. The creation is genuinely embraced as a pinnacle of achievement felt in every heart.

As I continued walking in the fog with my mother in my arms, listening with the attitude of wonder, awe and reverence; resting in certainty that we are all a part of one Luminous Essence; firmly rooted in the moment, we came to a magnificent bridge. What a surprise this was! We had no idea where the bridge went, to whom it might belong, or what its purpose in the middle of the fog might be. In the spirit of the moment, we began walking over it. During this time my mother and I did not talk. We had entered into the Sacred Silence. About midway across the bridge, the fog cleared within close proximity and the Christ suddenly appeared with all of the magnificence and splendor we know to be true of Him. No words can describe the vastness of the Love which poured into us at that moment. I was truly awestruck. Also, I knew that my mother would be fine. What an amazing comfort.

In my experience, every soul passage is incredibly unique. To give an idea of the diversity of soul preferences, I would like to share two additional examples.

In 1996 I walked my Aunt Liz across. I was in Colorado with my infant daughter and Aunt Liz was in Maryland. When we first met in expanded consciousness, Aunt Liz said she wasn't ready, that she would like to get her spirit legs so she could walk herself. I said ok and that I would be back later. When I next checked in, she was sitting on the precipice between worlds simultaneously taking in the Greater All and the wonder of her life. We agreed that I would return later.

The next day Aunt Liz had her spirit legs and walked with the strength and clarity which were so characteristic of her life.  We shared a few brief moments and then began walking together.  As with my mother we came to the deep fog where we could see nothing.  We continued walking and listening intently. The Sacred Silence engulfed us.  Suddenly, the fog opened and my Aunt Liz flew into her mother's arms.  We were completely encircled by angels beaming enormous love towards the two reunited souls in the center of the circle.  When I left, I had the impression that all of the angels would stay there beaming love towards these two souls for all eternity if that was what they wanted.

I worked with Priscilla in 1997. She was in Massachusetts and I was in Colorado. Priscilla did not want to leave. Throughout her process there was a sense of Spirit scrambling to get her used to the idea of the Spirit World before her body gave out. Her song played over and over:

I don't understand the crashing of the sea
Why one has to leave is a mystery to me

I offered many prayers and several Buddhist practices to assist Priscilla. She was very clear that she did not like strangers which of course included me. Her original instructions were that I could observe but not interact. I agreed to this not knowing if it would ever change. After several days, however, she was much more relaxed and allowed me to sit and actually hold her hand. At this incredible moment we became all mothers and daughters in the Big Sky. She and I both reveled in the exceptional joy of this all encompassing moment.

A few days later, I checked in and found Priscilla as a babe in the arms of Mother Mary. This was an extraordinarily touching moment because I could feel the tenderness in Priscilla with the opening of her heart and the vastness of the Eternal Love of Mother Mary. Ten days after I first met Priscilla, I was on the phone when the Holy Spirit arrived. Our home was immediately transformed into an amazing sacred temple filled with the True Essence. I quickly hung up and went to meditate.

I connected with Priscilla and we began a long, slow walk filled with many stairs. Priscilla had difficulty walking and was very stooped over but was dedicated with will and purpose. Midway we stopped to wait for her daughter. Priscilla lay down with her head in my lap. I asked if she would like a pillow but she said there was no need. We had a long wait but finally the energies would pause no more. We continued and soon we arrived at the precipice between worlds. From this perch, we could see a splendid City of Light.

Only a few moments after arriving at this perch, multitudes of clouds rolled in and we could see nothing anymore. Priscilla suddenly gave me a huge hug. Wow! What a fabulous moment. Just then I heard a voice instructing me not to go any further. I said can't just leave her here! Ha! Then I quickly reconsidered. I said good bye to Priscilla and turned to walk slowly down the long, long stairs. As I walked down, Priscilla began to grow as big as the sky until she became one with the sky exuding a magnificent Celestial Song in which we were both enveloped. Tears of gratitude and more tears flowed. Surprisingly, Priscilla did not leave at that moment. She chose to leave the following morning.

With every soul journey, the feeling emerges anew that there is incredible purpose in every moment and the ability to embrace this allows the space for creative unfolding to appear. The forgoing examples demonstrate this basic tenet of Creation.  The Creator enjoys endless creativity.  When we can be present in the moment, we celebrate this aspect of ourselves as well.

 Collectively, the Great Spirit has invited us to participate in a universal improvisational dance.  We, in all the splendor and joy of co-creation, have accepted.  The implications of this collective emergence are at once the incredible birth of a higher vibration and a culmination of our collective creative process.


What a great relief for the mind which has been overactive for generations! It can actually focus on its true purpose which excites every living being! This allows spaciousness to come into every moment. The dictatorial, conventional, linear movement of the mind is no longer in charge. Welcome to the Sacred Feminine which is about balance. Through learning to look with wonder, awe and reverence; resting in certainty that we are all a part of One Luminous Essence; staying rooted in the moment and allowing creative unfolding through improvisation, we have amazingly arrived at the point of Balance which is where we started! Only now, our vision as individuals and as a collective is expanded. We are ready for the next level.

When I was with my mother, I did not question the voice or the visions. My mind, however, did question the next day wondering if I had made it all up to help myself feel better. While in my parents' bedroom packing some things to take to the funeral home, I kept feeling like I had to lie down. At such a busy time, I had no room for idleness my mind thought. Finally, as the energies intensified, I succumbed. As I allowed myself to relax, my mother appeared! She looked radiantly beautiful and had returned to say thank you! In the following months, she returned to bring me gifts from the Other Side. Truly, there are no words to express the feelings at this connection.

Globally we are in a precarious state. The way through this emergency is to focus on the new life while taking care of the daily tasks. Amazingly, when we do this, the mind relaxes and is grateful. When coming from this different perspective, allowing brings ease and grace into our lives. Youthful joy brings exuberance into our dance. We move past the dangers inherent in death of an old paradigm and birth of the new consciousness. The New Earth Star is born out of our collective focus and co-creative dance with the Great Spirit.

by Patricia L'Dara ~ Death Passage Midwife
Board Member for Spirit Heart Sanctuary
residing in the mountains west of Boulder, CO

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