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point of unity, healing dualism

Dualistic perception permeates our world. What is the nature of dualism? How might we heal it?

Dualistic consciousness is based on projections within a system of opposites. These projections take place on multiple levels, from microcosmic (personal) to macrocosmic (divine). The macrocosmic view can consist of a projection of one's personal, limited viewpoint onto that which one perceives as divine, infinite and incomprehensible. It is natural for us humans to project like this, for it gives us a basis for trying to understand the ineffable, which is not fully understandable at the level of mind alone. Such divine realities are only comprehensible when the heart opens and becomes equally interactive with the mind, effecting a wonderful balance and-dualistic experience. I personally love the saying that "we must learn to think with the heart, and love with the mind." Once the heart has been awakened, then the mind too begins to comprehend a non-linear love-based reality.

Projections at a personal level often give us a sense of self in others, or a sense of God/Spirit/Source through others. Ultimately, though, one must move past projections into a direct perception of the underlying reality of God/Spirit/Source. This movement generally takes place in a gradual progression.

In projecting at the macrocosmic level, humanity has a tendency to personify the Creator in its own image. Biblical statements from Genesis to the effect that we are created in His/Her image are our reversed attempts to understand and relate to God. Thus, in traditional and fundamentalist religions God/Spirit/Source takes on a will like ours and gets angry, as witnessed in much of the Bible, when things don't go the way He/She "wishes."  Simply put, human beings tend to project their own nature upon that which they seek to understand.

I propose that what we experience as "God's wrath" or the "strictness" of a Radiant Being of Love is really the product of the Laws of Cause and Effect along with our own karmic circumstance. In my estimation, humanity has confused the Laws of Cause and Effect with the One God/Spirit/Source for a very long time. This leads to feelings that God is our personal ally or enemy, as the case may be. Certainly the Laws of Cause and Effect are a part of God/Spirit/Source, but that doesn't necessarily mean The Supreme "wills" what happens as a result of them. I view the relationship between humans, the Laws of Cause and Effect and the One Supreme Being as being similar to that between a wise parent and the child. A parent knows the child must experiment to learn about its limitations and potentials, and thus allows the child to do so in a controlled environment. Similarly, God/Spirit/Source allows humanity to experiment with the Laws of Cause and Effect, and the latter maintain a sense of balance in the Creation as the experimentation proceeds.

That analogy falls somewhat short, however, because I do not personify God/Spirit/Source as a "parent." Instead, I perceive God/Spirit/Source in all things, as an omniscient and all-loving Presence, which gave birth to our souls out of love for Itself and us equally and the desire to expand the Great Love. And this loving Presence allows our souls to experiment with the experience and concepts of love in Creation, even if those experiments are self-destructive at times.

Consider the analogy of a society in consensus that a certain action is immoral. Consequently, that society may pass laws that make such an action illegal. Can it be said that those in society who adhere to the consensus, which resulted in but pre-dated the law, have directly willed the individuals who now break that law into being punished? The consensus is analogous to the all-permeating Presence of God/Spirit/Source. In this analogy man's laws correlate to the Laws of Cause and Effect, and the individuals who must contend with illegal actions represent all of humanity.

Not many in our world today seem to be conscious enough of the Laws of Cause and Effect to make informed choices concerning their actions and the resultant repercussions at various levels. At least the people of the Old Testament recognized that these laws existed, even if they did confuse them with God/Spirit/Source. Efforts to increase awareness of these natural laws would go a long way towards reconciling many of society's problems.

What, then, is the nature of the Supreme Deity if not the Laws of Cause and Effect?  If we are to believe that what Isho'a/Jesus and many other illumined masters taught us to be true, then the answer can only be love. And what is love in its higher spiritual, non-emotional form, other than pure being which expresses as absolute, unconditional acceptance? To know that one is accepted by God/Spirit/Source, with all of one's limitations and faults, has to be one of the most comforting and expansive thoughts one can entertain. The one great law is the Law of Love. This law fulfills [balances] all others, including the Laws of Cause and Effect. Isn't this what the Master Isho'a demonstrated over and over again during his time on earth? Isn't this what he indicated when he answered the question concenring which was the greatest of the commandments? His Love was such that people who were ensnared within the Laws of Cause and Effect were instantly brought into balance and subsequently released from them, at least until they re-created their state of imbalance. They were healed of the imbalances which occurred as a result of the natural laws when they became the focused subject of the Masster's great love. This, then, is the Point of Unity which heals all dualism, the Law of Love. The Laws of Cause and Effect can only be active in the sense that we know them when polarities exist in a state of imbalance.

How might we apply this to our daily lives? Perhaps I might offer a personal experience. Awhile back, I was in a deeply contemplative state, entertaining the nature of our reality and all the atrocities which occur in our world. I then "heard" within my mind the words: "everything happens as a result of the Law of Love attempting to manifest in Creation." With these words came an overwhelmingly expansive and powerfully good feeling. I enjoyed this for some time before it occurred to me to pursue the contemplation further. Once I resumed the contemplation, the question arose, "how could something as horrendous as, say, the actions of a Hitler be related to the Law of Love attempting to manifest in Creation?" Again, the inner response was swift and clear: I heard in my mind, "Hitler had love for his ideal, although it was a grossly distorted ideal." With that sentence an inner gnosis swept over me like a tsunami consuming a low-lying shoreline. All of a sudden I understood something that had eluded me all of my life.

The understanding I needed lies within the concept of relativity as it relates to the Law of Love. In other words, everything is relative, not right/left, black/white, right/wrong, up/down. What is right from one perspective, might appear left from another. Notice if one stands facing someone, her "left" arm is on one's "right." If one stands behind yet still facing her, her "left" arm is now on one's own "left." Just changing one's perceptual position changed the relativity. The manifestation of love in our world is also relative. The more contracted forms of love, which can express as carnality and abuse, will love a grossly distorted self-serving ideal, such as Hitler's, and usually at great expense to others. Another example might be the husband who abuses his wife for his own self-gratification. Often times both the husband and wife in such situations when questioned will equate their experiences to the "pain associated with love." Love in its more expanded state brings no pain, ever.  I feel it extremely important that we recognize this relativity so we can come to a more expanded understanding of how to heal such atrocities. Awareness sets a precedent for healing to occur within.

More expanded forms of love will not accept a grossly distorted ideal. The further one moves up the scale of relativity, the purer the ideal must be. This, then, provides ever more fertile ground for the Law of Love in its purer forms to gestate and grow within. In contemplating relativity, one will come to perceive the illusory nature of dualism. The polarities of dualism are but opposite ends of the same baton. In order to twirl the baton, one must hold it by the middle. Thus, when faced with blatant dualism in our experience, it is helpful if we first seek to perceive the relativistic nature of the experience, looking for the middle ground. In other words, is one thinking in terms of either/or?  Or are they accepting that truth is attempting to manifest somewhere within both perceptions? Once one has achieved a relatively non-dualistic reference point, one can consider the possibility that "everything is a result of the Law of Love attempting to manifest in Creation." This can empower one to shift one's perception beyond the confines of dualism and perceive the underlying reality of the situation from an entirely different angle.

Through the use of such techniques, one may ultimately arrive at a Point of Unity within the Law of Love as was exemplified and taught by the masters. And this is possible without abandoning our sense of what is morally acceptable in our society. Good and evil can be seen as opposite ends of the same baton which ultimately must be twirled.

I believe we as a whole have an underlying fear that such perceptions will lead to an immoral and "uncontrollable" society. Certainly many persons and groups have become just that, and have justified their actions with similar ideas. But what I am proposing herein is not a radical departure from one's sense of God/Spirit/Source and morals and ethics, but rather food for contemplation. I feel that we must always look ahead to a more expansive way of perceiving reality in order to heal, grow, and to come to a deeper realization of the nature of the Creator within us. Thus, as one contemplates this particular model of reality, one can see what comes naturally in the course of one's own evolution. Each person may have an entirely different way of perceiving the same truth, and we must always be open to understanding that such is the case.

Regardless of what we are engaging in these principles can be utilized to reinstate the love-based values which I believe are the power of Creation itself. To hold animosity towards others because they see or believe something different from us falls short of the mark, the result of a contracted form of Love accepting a distorted ideal. We must as a humanity move towards the Point of Unity represented in the Law of Love at its highest possible relativity. Love is the only healing balm which can do the job.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid

This article was published first in the Christian New Age Quarterly in the fall of 2000.

Edited and revised 01/29/03 by the author.

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