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unconditional love

by the 'brotherhood of light'

The solution to all problems is Love. Love your enemy, love your illness, love all that happens to you, and you will make it good. You see, dear ones, this is unconditional love. This message is for Earl Shriver of Oklahoma, a wise one amongst you who requested this piece, saying there should be more information on this for you all.

Yes, unconditional love is THE most important topic, for it is the ultimate goal, it is all solutions, it is all resolutions. It is the ultimate state you can reach in your 3D-like body, which is even now changing as you shed all of your baggage, and fix what you need to fix to make things right.

We do not use the term "make things right" as a value judgment. Indeed, it is a gut feeling we ask you to seek, an inner knowing of what feels right and what feels wrong. We ask you to make a frequency assessment with your inner and outer being.

In other words, once you love all that is, then you become All That Is! So, assess in your mind, heart and gut (a major intersection of nerve ganglia lies right below the naval, sometimes called the "second brain" - truly, there is much information there). Assess whatever it is by passing it through your heart chakra, and see if it makes you "heavy-hearted" or "light-hearted". Your auric intuition is growing. As the energy rises, you begin to feel those invisible parts of you that now vibrate with a palpable energy in the air. So, the information you are getting, and must get used to, often comes in as a flavor of emotion - a bodily reaction of some kind, feeling calm and peaceful versus nervous and nauseous, to use a few examples.

This is a new language of information, the language of your right brain. This is not English, dear ones! (Chuckle). This is sensing. This is reaching out with your new antennae, unfurling your electromagnetic field and sampling the frequencies around you, coming from the people around you. You all have asked for these expanded senses, and we say they grow slowly, but you should be feeling them more, now you that you have been in 4D almost one year, since May 2001. (This text written on 3-25-02). You all feel heavy, pressured, no time, no rest, no focus to read, no energy to do much. Well, you are phasing into a new level, and feel the pressure of it coming in!

What does all of this have to do with unconditional love? Why, it is a feeling, dear ones, that you must learn to create and embrace in order to exude Divine Light It is a vibration, dear ones, one with a physical sine wave pattern that could be measured, if you created machines with a much higher range. You are creatures of vibratory matter, your entire dimension is held in density by limiting the amount of All Conscious Energy coming into the planet. That part of the plan is ending, dear friends, and it's time to remember who you truly are.

If you broke all life forms down to their smallest possible particles of matter, those particles would be dancing in a specific wave pattern of light frequency. Yes, when quantum physics finally merges with metaphysics and you pool your knowledge, you will finally find proof that God exists. Or rather, that a "web" of cosmic energy forms the tapestry of all life, which is in all that is (chuckle). Do you see the All That Is? You are part of this cosmic lattice, you are all intricately laced together so that whatever happens to one affects the whole. Yes, though the world seems so huge to you, it is but one dimension of reality.

As you rise into that increasing God-energy, the next dimension (above you) presses its boundaries down upon you as you reach closer. You see, the dimensions are actually separate chords of frequency, like repeating C note to C note forms full octaves on your pianos. But unlike them, the dimensions are separated by brief "null zones", to prevent bleed-through from one chord to the next. It is this brief void of no energy that you are feeling - you no doubt feel like you're stuck in a bubble and desperately need it to burst. It will, dear ones, soon.

It is also the pressure you now feel in your meridians, as you tune in to your auras and sense your internal energetic meridians. Before, you were numb to it. Now, you are realizing just how much baggage you really have to clear! Again, what has this to do with unconditional love? We offer you this idiomatic phrase: Fake it 'till you make it. Or as the psychic children are telling you, Pretend that which you wish to become. Again, it is a question of raising your awareness, raising your physical frequency, to the level of loving all things equally - that is, in a nutshell, how to attain self-realization.

We ask you gently, is it not a grand time to be alive? You may not feel that way, as time compresses and life gets more intense, more drastic, and your lessons more dramatic. You are being required to change, to tune into the new energies, just by virtue of being here now, in this current time-period of post-Millennium acceleration.

Do you realize, dear ones, that you are changing first? You, of the first wave that have remained on board Planet Earth, are doing the work and getting clear in order to better work on others when the masses start to shift.

Here is how it goes: You are changing into an awareness of being an energetic being. Not just a physical being! Those of you applying your modalities to the body's clearing system, the Circle Of Grace, will finally start to see results! People are feeling the energy, and are beginning to believe in the possibility that anything is possible. And, remember, when you apply the Divine Laws of Creation with your will to create your future potential, you are affecting the matter around you at the frequency level!

Vibration is the true form of all life. That is why Tesla's machine worked, it was based on frequency modulation, not on the normal accepted practices of science at that time. As you begin to expand your awareness of being in the new energies, you will feel your aura more and more. You will become, slowly, tuned in to your right brain, which in turn connects you to your aura the way that your left brain is connected to your awareness of body. Science and Spirituality, Physics and Metaphysics, right brain and left brain, all must cleanse, rebalance and retune to work together. For your personal path to ascension, it is necessary to make this crucial healing step of total assimilation. For your societies around the world, all must cleanse, rebalance, and retune to working together. Is that not what is happening in your global politics, six months after September 11, 2001? It must occur on all levels, dear ones, each level of consciousness, from your physical awareness to your auric awareness, which tunes you in to your planetary awareness. You were designed to feel Mother Earth, children, for you were meant to be her caretakers. Another thing that must be corrected. Your children and children's children will rebalance the ecology, with very different techniques than you can imagine. Prayer is a big one!

So, our main point here is that your duality springs from the Veil Of Forgetfulness, which blinds you to your spiritual connection to God, to Us, to All That Is. Now that the Veil is thinning, with more and more Divine Light shining on the planet, your slumbering connection to Spirit will reawaken as you return to full awareness of your entire Be-ing, healing all of your layers and integrating them. What does this do? It returns you to Wholeness by awakening your conscious awareness of the Divine Flame that animates your body.

In reconnecting to your auric awareness, you become consciously reconnected to God. God is a vibration in your bodies, dear ones, a frequency that you have missed for a long, long time. We say to you here, it is coming back! As you do the Circle, take care of your bodies, and rest often (shifting dimensions is heavy, tiring work!) you will begin to feel God again. As you clear Heart, which the entire planet is doing right now, you will have more room in your hearts for love and joy.

These wondrous emotions cannot enter your hearts if there is too much energetic blockage in the area of that chakra. Work on each other, use the healing tools now being channeled in around the planet. Get clear, go through and finish all loose ends. If you have not cleaned out your closets, attics and basements, do so now - you will be amazed how much better you feel without all that clutter around you!

We hope you have a better grasp of the frequency aspect of what (or "who") you are growing into. To this information we now add: you are in a Free Will Zone, and you have the freedom to choose, at every turn, Love over Fear. Fear has so many faces - anger, jealousy, greed, bigotry, and selfishness are but a few. Love is, simply, unbounded compassion. Please look at the word "unbounded" - it is boundless. It has no boundaries, no limitations. Compassion is the state of being in Higher Self, of processing all the incoming data through gut, emotions, mind and spiritual layers. Then the levels in concert reach a loving response, untainted by logic or fear, that is appropriate for that moment. Love all things. How? In every moment, choose Love over Fear. It is as simple as that!

Do you remember the old adage, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit? Make it a habit to always, consciously, choose Love! Then, no matter what happens around you, it does not reach your inner core, it does not affect you negatively. Why?

Love and Fear cannot coexist in the same space at the same time. In other words, you cannot hold an angry thought at a person and a loving thought to them at the same time. It has to be one or the other, for that is the most fundamental lesson of all - that is why you play it out, time and again, and are given chance after chance to wake up, realize that your world is only temporary, and that you are, in truth, Eternal Spirit incarnated in biological flesh. You cannot physically hold anger and love in the same moment because they are different frequencies on the sliding scale of emotions (remember - all is frequency and vibration). Love is in the top 50% of the scale, and Fear resides in the bottom half of the frequency scale. And here is the fun part:

Love cancels out Fear. So, you see, if you keep choosing the higher emotional frequencies, your anger dissipates and melts away. Every time you display the kindness and wisdom of Higher Self, you shine a bright light into the planetary grid. We all rejoice, saying to each other, look! There is another one, using will and faith to stretch the limits of what is real. Look how brightly they shine! Look at how big a circle of energy - of the loving frequency of Spirit - that surrounds that Light Worker!

If you only knew how big a difference you really do make, each and every dear one of you readers. Just by suspending belief and reading this text with an open mind, you are raising the human consciousness. The more that you do the work, and the more of you that do the work, the more graceful will be the final transition into the full brilliance of 5D.

And there you will find the frequency energy of All That Is.

We await you impatiently there, with a grand celebration prepared for your Homecoming! Whether you come Home in body or in Spirit, it truly matters not. We have missed you dearly, each time you took that leap of faith into the next body, the next life, and the next lessons. You are changing the human paradigm, the global human consciousness, and the future reality of the Earth. In the next twenty years, the human energetic signature will change greatly. That is what broadcasts your presence to other life forms in all of the various planes of reality. Did you really think you were alone? That only one planet in the vast cosmos of All Universes could sustain life? (chuckle). Your energetic signature was not matured enough to broadcast up until recently. It is beginning to coalesce into a new wave pattern, a higher energetic sine wave pattern. Yes, as you move up through All That Is, you must change your energetic form to match the new dimension in order to enter it!

And the body must be clear and balanced, dear ones, in order for you to be able to make this journey, and survive it. So when we say, you must clear and heal at all levels before you can merge all of your aspects into one higher being, we're not kidding!

You must prepare your vehicle in order to get to your destination.

Yes, back to the Circle Of Grace. The way up is inward, and we offer our help to you. Remember to open a healing session by calling in Father/Mother God, your favorite religious figures, your personal group of Brothers, and your higher self to guide and lead. Then speak aloud, tell us of your aches and pains, what you wish to heal and release. We work at all levels, and there is always emotional, mental and spiritual clearing that goes along with the physical work. But you need not worry about those levels, only speak of what you feel moving in your body.

Tell us what sensations you feel, where pain gets stuck, what feels wrong. You will grow into an awareness of our presence that will make you, finally, believe down to your bones that we exist. And if the Brotherhood Of Light exists, then you know that God exists. We merely have to look at you and marvel at the wonders that Creation has birthed. You are, each and every one, precious beyond measure. When you return Home to the greater Reality, you are Brothers, you are angels, you are Warriors of Light. You are much revered for your service, your bravery, your strength, and your tenacity. This age of Becoming, of Returning, is pivotal to the entire Divine Plan, and so are you.

Do the Circle Of Grace. Feel God's presence move inside you. Find Love within. Find peace without. Return to us soon, for we miss you dearly.

We Are, In All Love, The Brotherhood Of Light
through Edna G. Frankel
P.O. Box 62 Copyright 2002
Blue Bell, PA 19422
(215) 653-0339
a contributing author to
Sedona Emergence Journal

copyright 2002 by Edna G. Frankel ~ all rights reserved