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what is truth?

The spiritual quest unfolds in search of truth, but can such a thing ever be found? The entire Grail Mythos as presented in the Arthurian legends is predicated upon this quest for truth. In the end, the main thrust of this mythos is to teach us that asking the right question is of paramount importance on the spiritual quest of life itself. "Ask and you shall receive" speaks to this idea as well.

Are the answers we receive to our questions the truth then? Perhaps as the Grail Mythos proposes, that would depend on the question itself, and the underlying motive for that question being asked in the first place. But then, the quest for knowledge itself must eventually come to an end. As Lao-Tsu once said "To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day." So the quest for knowledge continues by asking questions and adding  the knowledge sought, but at some point that quest terminates and we start to remove things heading toward the greater body of wisdom.

Because we are complex multi-dimensional beings, we may also have one part of ourselves on the spiritual quest for knowledge and another that has moved beyond it into the undoing that attaining wisdom requires. This can prove very confusing at times. I must also make a distinction at this point between the terms "spiritual quest for knowledge" and "spiritual journey" that I am using herein. In this distinction we come to understand that the end of the spiritual quest is not the end of the spiritual journey. The spiritual journey is infinite, it has no end. The spiritual quest is temporal and finite and serves the greater context of the spiritual journey.

When you have one portion of yourself that has moved beyond the quest and another that is still seeking knowledge through answers or messages, you need to accept and allow both aspects of being to co-exist harmoniously. While at first this may seem quite difficult, it becomes less so as you develop the ability to accept all aspects of your being in love. In this case, the part of self that has moved beyond the quest for knowledge must be patient and tolerant, and realize that the other parts of the self will soon follow. To the degree that you can do this internally with your own inner community of voices, you will also be able to do it for others in your life.

The nature of the questions on the spiritual quest continue to refine themselves as we progress on the spiritual journey. They start to come closer and closer to the nature of God-Spirit-Source. In the end, the question that produces the Holy Grail for Galahad is one which is born of compassion for his fellow man. It is a question that seeks to gain knowledge which brings greater understanding about the plight of another, not knowledge that supports one's ego-centric nature. This is the nature of the questions that ultimately end the spiritual quest for knowledge. Once one has asked such questions ardently and has opened to and embodied the knowledge that the "right" answers will represent, they are enabled to move beyond the spiritual quest for knowledge altogether.

What is the nature of truth itself? Can truth be defined or quantified in some way? You hear often of eternal truth, ultimate truth, absolute truth, universal truth, and the importance of speaking your truth. How often do you take time to contemplate what the nature of truth really is? Human beings have a habit of calling what they feel in the moment "their truth." Often times what we feel in the moment is not harmonic with universal principals or laws at all and yet we continue to call it our truth. It is vitally important no doubt to learn how to give expression to our feelings and emotions so they are not repressed or suppressed. To repress or suppress such energies can cause the formation of a very strong shadow nature. Humanity in general is dealing with the results of aeons of repression and suppression and its attempt to release this energy lies at the root of many our world's woes today.

I came to know some years ago, however, that labeling and professing my feelings and emotions as "my truth" was doing me great harm in ways that I had not previously been aware of. I came to realize that while I did indeed need to find creative and constructive avenues of expression for these feelings and emotions, I could do so without calling these feelings and emotions "my truth." In labeling such things to be my truth I discovered that I was in effect limiting my scope of awareness to what those feelings and emotions represented which was nothing other than repressed energy being triggered by something or someone.

In other words, I learned that I needed to go the highest point of awareness and light that I had available to me, and call that my truth instead. The feelings and emotions I was having often did not represent that highest point of awareness and light at all. A good rule of thumb that has helped me immensely through the years with this effort is this: "if I need to speak it, it isn't my highest truth," and therefore I made a conscious choice to no longer proclaim it to be such.

Once I consciously started to work with this very diligently, it was not that long before my feelings and emotions actually started to reflect my highest point of awareness and truth more often. It is an amazing and magical thing to experience and it's occurrence is rooted in the universal laws of resonance.

These universal laws of resonance are simply laws of energy. They are laws which govern how energy moves and behaves in its many forms. They are not laws imposed on sentient and conscious beings by a controlling or power-hungry God, but rather laws that helped give birth to us all from a space of pure love. It is critical that we seek to understand these laws more each day, for the more we do, the easier it becomes to act in harmony with them. This effort starts on the tangible material plane, but must continue to increasingly expand into the subtler planes of our being.

In seeking to understand the nature of truth, we must also embrace its relative nature. In other words what appears true from one perspective, may appear untrue or incomplete from another. You have likely experienced this at some point in your life when you perceived things were one way, then at some point your awareness expanded and your perspective shifted and it all then appeared much differently. We have a saying for this in our language that goes like this: "pulling the wool off of our eyes." That simple common statement represents a shift in awareness and then perception, and consequently a shift in what we feel is true.

This activity of relativity all occurs within the realm of temporal truths, however. Universal truths will stand the test of time. They will hold true under a wide range of circumstances and through many expansions of awareness. We can thus do well to alchemically distill universal truths or reference points from the bastion of our temporal truths. I accomplished this some years back after a very long and arduous effort to do so. What resulted is something I have been guided to call the "Cosmology of Oneness."

The Cosmology of Oneness is comprised of three universal reference points that I identified to have been there for me through thick and thin all of my life, guiding me along even when I was not conscious of them. I discovered that I always weighed things against them and this is what gave me the solid platform I needed to carry me through the difficult times and find an anchor in the midst of great confusion. Traditionally this is called "keeping the faith." The difference lies in what we are keeping our faith in. If we are keeping our faith in a man-made doctrine, no matter how divinely inspired, we will sooner or later meet disappointment and disillusionment. We must boil our faith down to the essential universal principles operating within it and strip it free of all the other encumberments.

The Cosmology of Oneness goes like this:




By the way, I encourage people to re-write this in their own words unless they find supreme resonance with it the way it is. It needs to be something that you feel resonating deeply inside you and at very refined levels.

But, where is the mention of truth? When I was in the process of distilling these universal reference points from my experience, I became keenly aware of how what we call universal truth was a by-product of awareness, love and acceptance. In this awareness I came to see that even immutable universal laws are not the truth, but rather that they support the truth, they set a framework or structure for it to operate within. They do this through their immutable and steadfast nature.

It was at this same time in my life that I also had a revelation about the purpose of life itself. "Life" here is being used to describe life eternal, which includes life temporal. So we have to expand our minds a bit to get them around what was conveyed to me here. In this context life becomes synonymous with the manifest universe and the infinite flow of energy which is continually moving through the manifest universe as its blood and breath. "Manifest universe" must also be understood to mean anything other than the "void." This thus includes Superliminal Light and the very subtle dimensions of manifest creation as well as what we know as life on earth.

The purpose of this universal streaming of energy, which I now call the "Sacred Flow of Life," was then revealed to me to be expansion of the beauty, colors, textures and radiance of love in the universal heart "crystal." Love is already complete, but it is also expanding. Contemplate that, it is in the heart of the Greater Mysteries along with the seeming paradox of "The Many and the One." Thus, WHAT we do all of a sudden takes a back seat to HOW we do it. Are we doing it out of love, or. . .? It all boils down to this in the end. This means that our "empowerment" and "success" comes not from how well we have been able to change or manage things externally in our lives, but rather how well we respond to whatever life brings us each moment from a place of awareness, love, peace and coherency.

Each time that we respond [think, feel and act] from a place of love that hits a truly universal chord [resonates with phi harmonics], this act of love is recorded in the universal heart crystal and adds to its beauty, colors, textures and radiance. The entire process of my life, all of my spiritual quest and my journey, have brought me to this place of understanding. Parts of me are still attempting to embody it more fully. But it grows stronger each and every day, and I return to water it frequently in the garden of my heart. I know many others are working to do the same, and I hope by sharing some of what I have gleaned along the way it may help some of you to do so more fully.

Truth then for me is now found in this realm of activity. Nothing else can truly be called my truth. Will this too shift in time? I cannot answer that. I can only know how close to God-Spirit-Source this focus has brought me here and now. And ultimately, those things that bring YOU closer to God-Spirit-Source are the only things that should rightfully be called your truth as well.

The bottom line is that we must strive for what is called "ahimsa" [I love that word] in Hindi, which translates to "harmlessness." We must be working from a foundation of ahimsa to explore beyond the limitations of the old moral codes which state "do this, don't do that." Until we have sufficiently built that foundation of ahimsa, it is not wise to explore the uncharted terrain too deeply.

Work each day to live and embody ahimsa, and to thus always respond to everything life brings to you in each and every moment from a place of awareness, understanding and love, and I am confident that you will find your "truth" takes on a whole new meaning rather quickly.

Peace be with you.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid

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