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divine alignments master index

Divine Alignments are monthly messages I (Simeon Chiron Nartoomid) have written, usually as a rather informal form of verse or prose. Each one has its own unique flavor. Many of them are "channeled" from Divine Self, in other words, I attune to the highest level of my being possible for me in that current moment of time and I receive a message to further my Divine Alignment and then share that with others through this website and our email list.

These Divine Alignments are all also listed and accessible through our "archives" link on the main menu, but there are enough of these now that I felt it would be nice to have an index where you can find them all in one easy glance!

As of September 2009 I have discontinued providing these monthly alignments, but they will soon be replaced with another monthly offering! There are 37 of them below, however, and if this is your first time here you will have plenty to help you increase your radiance for some time!