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opening the lotus of inner peace for wesak

This Tele-Initiation was held back on April 26th, 2009 but you may still participate in its very powerful energy as an MP3 audio recording in our 44:44 Ascension Portal's special media section.

I have received feedback from people listening to the MP3's of these events and they are getting as much out of listening to them as the original participants in the live event have reported! Additionally, the recording quality is much better than usual conference call recordings due to the way it was recorded through a computer on our end versus using the conference call company's recording feature. The background music on the long meditations comes through VERY well, almost as though it was mixed professionally.

Here is some feedback I received on the Opening the Lotus of Inner Peace Tele-Gathering:

Greetings Simeon, I wanted to write and thank you for your kind heart, I love you and I bless you a thousand times a thousand, you truly are a blessing from God. I love the work that you are doing for our brothers and sisters and all of humanity.You really inspire me and I am blessed to have been part of this sacred ceremony. I too cried tears of joy and gratitude. I can not wait until your next live teachings. . . I thank you you again from the very essence of my soul sweet brother of mine. . . ~ Leanne Carroll of Spirit Heart Tours, Eagle Heights, Australia

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