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a drink from the platinum grail

This Tele-Initiation was held back on April 5th, 2009 but you may still participate in its very powerful energy as an mp3 recording.

I have received feedback from people listening to the MP3 and they are getting as much out of listening to it as the original participants in the live event have reported! Additionally, the recording quality is much better than usual conference call recordings due to the way it was recorded through a computer on our end versus using the conference call company's recording feature. The background music on the long meditation comes through VERY well, as though it was mixed professionally.

Here is some feedback I received from people who participated in the Platinum Grail initiation:

There was great transference of energy, that much I definitely felt.  And beginning with my first meditation that night following the Initiation, the expanded visions that came to my inner vision and the broader and more expanded awareness of One-ness for me was remarkable. ~ Susan R. from Carmichael, CA, USA

Thank you for such a profound teaching and Initiation on Sunday!  . . .Your information was invaluable and really helped to fill information that I was looking for regarding the Sirian Solar Lords and Logos. The Initiation was beautiful and intense, and I fell asleep for an hour afterwards.  The Platinum Graal came to me again in meditation last evening, and I feel like I'm still downloading from Sunday! ~ Nancy C. from Brewster, MA, USA

Thank you for doing this. You are so pure in who you are. And what you say
comes truly from the heart, I can feel it in every word you say and write. It was an amazing experience, Menon's energy touched me deeply and everything you put in as Simeon. A green emerald was placed in my throat chakra and a know it's an eternal jewel for me here on this earth (and may be beyond?). . .  I thank you from the purest place of my heart. ~ Isis Saris, Flower of Life Facilitator from Arnhem, the Netherlands

. . .at the end of it all when we were all in circle around the grail cup - Sekhmet was there and I found myself going towards and completely engulfed in what seemed like flames, coming out the other side as if transparent with an outline of myself.  Metaphorically cool and it was very cleansing and transformative - this was all in seconds at the end. ~ Hazel O. from London, United Kingdom

I would like to express my gratitude for yesterday's powerful initiation and meditation. . . it was very profound and intense. I felt very different and light the rest of the evening and also felt an enormous sense of peace and purpose fill me. Thank you and God bless you for being a vessel for this incredible surge of divine energy. I have worked with the Master Menon before and am very connected to the energies of the divine, female grail energy and this initiation truly brought these two energies into "union." I look forward to participating in future collective energies. . . ~ Lavanaya Sita from Staten Island, NY, USA

I would just like to say thank you for your work and facilitating wonderfully today.  It was a very beautiful experience for me. I too have felt the new space and energy after ceremony. I have to say that this information and invitation kind of fell out of the sky and into my lap.  I am not familiar (at least this time around) to these names and lineage.  When I read about it I instantly knew that I needed to be a part.  I have strong connections with the lion and with judah and 999.  So this is something that I knew in my heart but was surprised of the 'new' information. Anyway,  thank you.  This aligns with my journey and my healing work, I look forward to experiencing the further integration along the way. ~ David K. from Lake Oswego, OR, USA

That was so magnificent! I sat there listening to your voice (tears trickling down my cheeks) and it felt so good. I was RIGHT THERE. All the information I've been receiving lately tied in with what you were saying, the synergy is absolutely amazing! ~ Alicia A. from Montana, USA

Participate in the Platinum Grail Initiation on MP3