dorothy's prayer

Oh Lord, my God! The giver of lives! Our divine creator! The source of all grace on earth! To thee I pray, to thee I sing and praise, to thee I lift up my soul, spirit, body, mind and heart, and all of my being!

Who are we, but a creature on earth! Why do you give us a heart? A heart that is capable of feeling pain, grief, sadness and sorrow, joy and happiness, peace and love.

Why do you give us a mind? A mind that is capable of thinking, knowing, learning unto the secret of Thy creation. Thinking that which is beyond our knowledge. A mind that is capable of co-creating.

Why do you give us an eye? An eye that is capable of seeing. Seeing that which is beyond our sight.

Why do you give us an ear? An ear that can hear Thy sweet voice of love calling.

Why do you give us a will? A will that is free to choose! A choice to live or fear, a choice to act or to withdraw, a choice to be saying "yes, oh Lord," or "No."

For all of the creatures on the earth, in all of Thy creation, only but we, human beings, are the king of kings, queen of all queens, of all creatures of creation!

To sing the song of Thy gift of grace and love, Thy has given. I shall sing no less unto the end of my life, this song of love and Thy amazing grace, upon us humans!

How blessed are we! To be a human, is a grace to BE.

I am sure everyone deep inside, feels it within them in this way in some stage of our lives one time or another, spoken or unspoken!

by Dorothy Lam
of Honolulu, HI