if our eye were single

If our eye were single,
What would we see?

Would there be good and evil?
Or only love dancing in and out of the light?

Would there be right and wrong?
Or only love's experience?

Would there be pain and pleasure?
Or only life expanding?

Would there be truth and falsity?
Or only a growing knowing?

Would there be the ugly and the beautiful?
Or only an expanding ability to see beauty?

Would there be male and female?
Or only love embracing itself?

Would there be waking and sleeping?
Or only a continuity of consciousness?

Would there be rich and poor?
Or only sufficiency relative to soul purpose?

Would there be life and death?
Or only an eternal journey?

Would there be night and day?
Or only an ongoing cyclic experience?

Would there be Sun and Moon?
Or only Light illumining the nature of things?

Would there be four seasons?
Or only the dance of nature's love upon the table of time?

Would there be land and sky and sea?
Or only love for all of nature?

Would there be different colors?
Or only unified refractions of the light of white?

Would there be karma or the possibility of imbalance?
Or only Love?

Would there be different opposing religions?
Or only the sacred weave with many strands?

Would there be one versus another?
Or only an us of One?

Would there be Heaven and earth?
Or only a choice of experience?

Would there be Creator and Created?
Or only the dance of love expanding Itself?

If our eye be single, the dance of all opposites
would keep beat with the rhythm of One.

The eye that is single sees only Love.

The eye that is single is forever. . . and more.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
December 8, 2002