the garden prayer

God / Goddess of the Eternal, as I walk in thy Garden of Love, all manner of beauty abounds in me and I am filled with the sweet scent of every blossom.

Each blossom is a unique imprint of sacred fire welling up through the roots of my soul and expressing in the colors and soft petals of angelic verse flowing from my Creation Song.

My bosom thrills to the joy I feel in my Oneness with every tender vine. All life moves me to know my own completeness, and there shall I dwell forever.

Never again shall I leave this Garden sublime, for to do so would tear me from the wisdom of my soul.

In all ways, I shall magnify thee, Oh Tender of the Garden of Souls; Healer upon the Path of Love.

You plumb me for the potent herbs of my past that blend and bubble within me.

The Wise Craft of your Working makes me supple and strong, that I may offer to others the key to the Garden of Your Love.

by Rev. Maia Nartoomid