middle east peace

Holy Presence of Peace,

visit our brothers and sisters

in Israel,

in Palestine.

May the awareness,

the understanding,

the love,

the compassion,

the kindness,

the recognition

that we are all but one tribe,

one people,

one cosmic heart;

dawn upon those

in such terrible inner conflict:

Those whose inner conflicts

become outer conflicts,

blamed on others.

May the arrows of anger and hatred,

sent forth from the bows of aggression,

be caught up in Your great wisdom,

and forgiveness,and mercy.

May peace within and without,

hope and brotherly/sisterly love,

find its way into the hardened hearts

of the aggressors,

who tread upon the tender shores

of those who truly love,

in Israel and in Palestine.


by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
May 2, 2002