only love can know

Peace, the elusive prize.

Is death the last stronghold of peace in a world disconnected from its Source?

Today, many shall ponder the deeper meaning of death.

Shall we allow it to be our peace?

Shall we in our surrender allow it to become a goal unto itself?

Shall we surrender to its limitations or its potential?

Death ever so sweet, is the climax of life itself.

The seed is released as the flower dies.

The forest is nourished by the rotting debris of forests past.

Our soul is born into new cycles of evolution,

new cycles of experience,

each time we die.

We die a thousand deaths in each life.

We experience a thousand resurrections in each life.

Is there ever an end?

Only love can know.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
March 29, 2002
(during Holy Week)