perfect flower meditation

a daily ritual of faith and self-renewal

I recognize myself as one with the Living Stream of the Divine creative force in the universe.

I visualize this Living Stream as a perpetual river of Love, Beauty and Light, eternally quickening my heart and rejuvenating my mind, my body and my spirit.

I know that I AM being received, nurtured and uplifted by the Divine River of God.

I AM therefore healed of any illusion of illness. As of this moment my mind and body are glorified in His sight, the Light of manifest wholeness is burning through my entire being, leaving behind the perfect flower of nature that knows no stain.

From my crown chakra the Divine dewdrop descends throughout my form, washing and feeding all the cells, nerves and molecules of my body. I AM wrapped in tender green leaves of Mother Earth, being loved and cherished by Her.

My Father in the Universe cradles me in His cupped hands, and like sacramental waters I flow through His spiritual body which is present in everything of being and substance. I AM dispersed into every grain of wheat, every radiant star, every moment of time. I AM the rain and the sun, the wind and tide. I AM wholeness and the beauty that I AM.

I AM abundant in my wealth of mind, body and spirit. I realize material comfort and abundance as a visible creation of Divine Order. As one who accepts Divine Order as my only path, so I accept material comfort and abundance into my life.

Through Divine Order I AM freed from all material concerns so that I may persue my life's purpose as given me by God, and which is in harmony with my life's desire.

All doors are opened to me in order that I may achieve this goal and live a spiritually and physically full and happy life in service to God.

So as God dwells in me, and I in Him, both being intertwined in the earth, I recognize every living thing as Light flowing from the same wellspirng that is my spirit. Since no shadow may be present in Light, there is therefore no darkness in mind, body or spirit on this earth. All illusions of such are now being shattered in the mirror of the Universal Soul.

This planet earth is a beauteous bead of blue crystal on a cosmic rosary. My prayers, the prayers of all the earth's souls, spin this bead with fingers of thought. As it spins it becomes brighter and brighter, sending the rays of Light as signals of Love out into the endless star-sea to the many souls who dwell on distant shores.

As I live this day I will walk in beauty and my heart will sing in joy. Should a dark thought find its way into my mind, I will vanquish it saying: I reject this thought, I release all anxiety and surrender my whole being into the flow of Divine Order.

by Rev. Maia Nartoomid
 circa 1985