prayer of cycles

In the light of every new day

we are reminded of the dawning

of new light in our hearts.

We are reminded of

cycles of renewal;

cycles of light,

cycles of dark.

We are reminded

that after every dark comes light;

that after every light comes dark.

Surely these cycles must be of the Creator.

Our hearts weep when in the dark.

Our hearts rejoice when in the light.

Is our happiness dependent upon

the light, the dark,

or of acceptance of the Creator's ways?

Let us raise our hearts

in appreciation and prayer

of all cycles of dark and light.

The dark as the blessing,

the teacher which brings us to light.

The light as the reward, the motivation

to learn, to grow, to expand;

to know God in the human experience.

Amen, Selah, Om, Namaste, Praise be to Allah.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
June 24, 2002