tribe of the moon

I am a healing light that comes from my center and expands into all around me.

I am a fire in the night, a cool stream in the heat of day. I feel the growth of new life as the seeds burst to the surface with their greening potential.

Vines follow the natural inclination of my body and bud in the recesses of each curve of my heart.

The hawk is my sight, the rabbit my tenderness, the doe my graceful right to "be."

I walk tall with the bear and move as one with the shadows of the forest like my brother fox.

I sing the lone song of the swan and the keening laughter of the coyote.

I am the sleekness and sureness of the cat as it stretches in the sun, a smile of mousing dreams buried mischievously in its silky whiskers.

The dog pads softly beside my heal, sensitive to my every move, for it is my own longing for union that weaves his dream.

A thousand eyes I have, all seeing the dream from different places, coming together as one truth in my heart. I am from the Tribe of the Moon, reflecting the golden rays of the sun into all the sacred places of the earth...the earthen body that I dwell within.

Sparrow, come nest in me, for my branches are strong and safe for you.

Lion, eat my flesh, for the more you devour of me, the stronger we both grow.

Dolphin, I call you from the deep. My waters are warm and sunlit and my current sure and rhythmic against your smooth bodies.

I circle, I enfold, yet I am always an open hand. I am the dream you create of me and the truth that never wavers. I am, Sophia, the Divine Feminine. I AM YOUR SOUL.

by Rev. Maia Nartoomid