winter solstice prayer

In the heart of the Father, resides the eternal Peace.

In the heart of the Mother, resides the wisdom of Peace.

In the heart of the Earth, resides the manifestation of Peace.

In the heart of each human being resides the potential of Peace:

that is held by the Father, the Mother, and the Earth.

As we pass through this shortest day of the year

let us be reminded of the Christed Light

seeking its most inward point within

until the changing of the celestial cycle.

In the changing of the cycle as the days begin to grow longer,

may our Light of Peace shine into the world

so it illumines the hopeless hearts,

the despair, the misery, and the suffering

with the radiance of God's Most Holy Light

birthing anew in the human experience this Holy Season.


by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
December 21, 2001