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intimations with the cosmic christ

as experienced and translated by simeon chiron nartoomid on august 31, 2004


the intimations:

1. In harmony, the Universe fluctuates, pulses and develops the rhythm of God's Breath.

2. Seek to understand the nature of that Breath, to feel the pulse of its rhythm in your being.

3. It is to be found in all aspects of Life, in every minute particle of Creation.

4. The Sacred Dance of Life moves in coordination with the Divine Breath. That Breath IS Life, and yet it is also unique.

5. Life is interwoven with the Breath, moving in and out of its streaming like a butterfly navigating a hurried breeze.

6. The human soul is like that butterfly, an aspect of Life seeking its proper relationship with the Divine Breath, yet not realizing all along that it already exists.

7. It IS, has been, and forever shall be.

simeon's reflections:

1. The first line of this intimation gave me a deepening sense of the nature of harmony itself. It seemed to communicate to me that harmony is in a way the Breath of God, for without harmony God suffocates. I also in the same moment, had this realization that God cannot suffocate. So, there is really always an order, a measure of harmony, that exists in the Universe and which is in eternal flux, ebb and flow. The overall rhythm of this flux is beyond my comprehension, but I gained an understanding that it sets the lungs of God into motion; contraction followed by expansion - a breath in, a breath out. . . And so the rhythm of God's breath goes, in cycles much larger than my little mind can encompass, but yet I can experience the Breath, is that not enough?

2. In line two I was led into the space where I felt this pulsing rhythm, experienced the Breath more completely and deeply. Its nature seemed to me to be peace itself, or that which we call peace because it also seemed to be far beyond what is termed peace. The peace we know here on earth, is more often a lack of something [like busy-ness, fear or confusion] than it is an element of its own accord. The peace I experienced in conjunction with the Divine Breath is an entity of its own right, a tangible reality, powerful, yet subtle. It comes to me that the first peace, where it is a lack of something, is the one that makes it possible to experience the second peace, the one associated with the Divine Breath.

3. In the previous line, I already experienced this one: in the state of this profound peace associated with the Divine Breath, I experienced myself in all aspects of the Creation, therefore reinforcing experientially my intellectual knowing that there is no aspect of Creation, no matter how minute, that is truly separate from what we call God.

4. I am carried to a new place, I experienced directly how Life, which is so much bigger than what we generally consider to be life, is an integral part of the Divine Breath. They seem as one, yet they are unique and different all at the same time. Can one say that the minute particles of water exhaled in your breath are not part of the breath? Are they not also unique, each one unto themselves as well as from the air molecules of the breath? My human mind grapples with such concepts, seeking to slice and dice, to find all the parts of something and somehow make a whole of it. Yet, the whole is not to be found in its constituent parts, but rather in the synergy between them. This is a message of relationship to me.

5. I now experienced an expanding sense of this relationship. The butterfly immediately reminds me of the caterpillar and chrysalis stages of its life. I saw that the final consummation of the butterfly's life gave it a direct opportunity to engage the Divine Breath full on. The butterfly in its resplendent colorful manifestation is now free to explore the Breath of God, to engage it and make it more beautiful by its own movements upon it. We cannot see the breath, but we can see the butterfly upon it. The butterfly thus gave me the sense of making God's breath manifest for all to see.

6. I go very deep here, realizing that my soul also serves the purpose of making God's Breath manifest. Our souls give the Divine Breath a shape, a form, that makes beautiful the unseen. It is the love that God put within us, that gave us birth from the Universal Heart, that in turn beautifies and glorifies Itself, when we let it. The relationship comes back to fore of awareness here now. It seems all life is about relationship. First we develop relationship with parents, but also things that we are fond of. Then as life unfolds we find that everything we develop a relationship with is always changing. Attempts to control matters so they won't change prove useless. There is something, called Life, that is so much bigger than us. yet we are part of it, and give it form, beauty and motion all at the same time. What is it that we truly seek? I have a deepening realization about it being this relationship with the Breath of God. But alas, after many flights as a butterfly, I come to know there is nothing to seek. What I have sought is something that cannot ever be changed, it is the one changeless thing in the Universe.

7. So I now deepen my intellectual understanding as soul energies pour forth into my being, and every cell of my body starts to know, just like my intellect has for some time, that this relationship with the Divine Breath is the one unchangeable element in the Universe. It is the thing that I both seek, and yet fear. It is the fear of the unchangeable that now surfaces and transports me to an expanding awareness. Herein, I now embody acceptance. I accept that I cannot change my relationship with the Divine Breath, it always just IS. I accept that there is nothing to seek, what I have sought, just IS. I accept that I can now find my sense of purpose in Life versus life. I accept that I can participate with the Divine Breath like the butterfly, to give it form and beauty for all to see. Let there be LOVE!

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