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a cosmology of oneness

A Cosmology of Oneness as I [Simeon] have witnessed it, is made up of three Universal Reference Points. Each reference point flows from the those which precede it. At some point I will write up the story on how I came to the place where I was able to distill these Universal Reference Points from my experience, realizing in the process that they had always been there guiding me through the process we call life. But for now, just know that it was a many-years long process that resulted in my being able to recognize, organize and then articulate these Universal Reference Points within a coherent conscious context.

I offer this awareness I have gleaned through Divine Grace as a gift unto the world. Many who read this cosmology below will know immediately how to work with the Universal Reference Points, others may wish to have some assistance. I am available to assist you if you feel in your heart that I can be of help to you on your path, just contact me.

Here are the three Universal Reference Points that I have termed "A Cosmology of Oneness":

There they are. Simple as they may seem, if they are used in the right way these Universal Reference Points hold the potential to radically alter your life experience, forever. So much so, that if we were to be able to fully integrate these Universal Reference Points within us at ALL levels of being we would translate the physical body into a Pure Gem Body of LIGHT.

Most people that I attract into my life and work already resonate with all three of these Universal Reference Points. The problem usually does not lie in simply being in resonance them when they are presented to you, although that is a pre-requisite in order for them to work.

Part of the problem lies in being consciously aware of them and having them all together in one place in a proper sequence and context [yes linearity has a Divine Purpose too]. I am giving you the opportunity to clear this blockage out of the way right now as you embrace A Cosmology of Oneness and the rest of the contents of this page.

Another area of concern is found within our inherent duality. One way of viewing the duality of the human experience is to recognize that we often have feelings that are not at all in accord with our highest point of spiritual awareness. Sometimes we are aware of these feelings, other times not. There are also times when we consciously know that we have some feelings that are limited and holding us back, yet they all seem to be tangled up in one large amalgamation and we thus seem powerless to understand them or how to transform them effectively.

In working with many hundreds of people over the last 15 years I have come to realize that more energy and time gets spent in this area than in any other area related to the Spiritual Ascension Process.

I have, fortunately and through Divine Grace, discovered through the many years of my personal and professional experience that we can apply these three Universal Reference Points in various creative ways to accomplish the following:

Think about it. If you did not spend any time or energy dealing with your own negative feelings or other things within you which seem to oppose your highest point of awareness, how much more energy and time would you have to put into your creative spiritual endeavors?

You may wish to start by re-writing the Cosmology of Oneness in your own words so it holds deep personal meaning for you. Just be sure to keep it simple and brief so you can easily remember your version of it to use in affirmations and such.

Here are three suggestions for using A Cosmology of Oneness.

1) Try meditating or contemplating with the three Universal Reference Points in  A Cosmology of Oneness.  Take them one at a time. What do they each reveal to you about you?

2) If you seem to have a block and can at least feel that block, try breathing each of the Universal Reference Points in and out through that blocked area or negative feeling. Be open to "hearing" what that part of you may have to communicate. Remember, part of the nature of God-Spirit-Source is ABSOLUTE ACCEPTANCE. Thus, if you wish to express your own Divine Nature, you must practice giving ABSOLUTE ACCEPTANCE to even these limiting parts of yourself. As you learn to do this, you will also find that you can do it for the limiting parts of others better as well.

3) Now try meditating or contemplating with the three Universal Reference Points in  A Cosmology of Oneness again.  Take them one at a time. What do they reveal to you about the nature of the Universe and the Ultimate Reality?

by Rev. Simeon Chiron Nartoomid