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tristan and salash

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Tristan is what might be equated with a "desert nomad" or "horse gypsy." Like Panthagra, he lives in the Pimmat desert.

Tristan does not have a "Life Partner" in the same way as do most of the others who compose the Merkabah of the Host. He and Salash are deeply bonded spiritually and have had three offspring together. Yet the nature of Salash's existence does not include what could be call "life partnership" with one individual.

keynotes for attunement:

a black horse | the wind | a fiery light | bonds between worlds | steadfastness | beauty in the night


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Salash is both an Elfan being and a "High Sidhe" [ph. "shee" -- a human/faerie hybrid being] I use the world "Elfan" or "Elf" from the mythos, but the interior word would be Shan'grra. However, "elf" originally comes from the ancient Aloii language as El'an'aph" meaning "to speak the sacred syllable." The Elfan Ones from among the Sidhe are very little human and mostly faerie. They alone at present on this planet have the ability to utter a creational sound (formed by a special pallet in their mouths) which is a "syllable" that is missing from the planetary tone at its core, yet once was present eons ago. Now it is only uttered by the Shan'grra.

The "High Sidhe" or Sa'sha are those Sidhe who maintain the original devic elemental energy of the earth's creation. While they do contain some human genetics -- enough to project a human form at will, they are mostly elemental "stuff." However, when mixed with a racial consciousness, such as the Shan'grra, they become more "human." NOTE: There are other forms of elemental "High Deva Beings" that are completely non-human.

Salash is just that right mixture. As both Elf and High Sidhe, she is eons older than the others of the Merkabah of the Host. As is the nature of the Sa'sha, she is quite impersonal in her personality. Yet from her heart-centered consciousness, her presence is Christ-like, radiating LOVE personified.

I have depicted her here in her kapha. The kapha is a condition of the High Sidhe in which they become weightless and float as they emit radiant particles of Light which are exchanged with the natural realm around them. It is a regenerative, communicative and holy exchange. In the portrait above, Salash is just beginning her kapha with the lifting of the hair revealing those wonderful pointed ears!

Keynotes for Attunement:

green moss | the deep forests | ancient trees | sacred groves | the Old Ones | a raven


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid


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