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This morning I [Simeon] my consciousness came into deep communion with a unique combination of Sirafana and Thoth of the IAC Merkabah of the Host. In my communion with these two celestial beings this morning I felt an impulse to convey the following awareness I achieved with them to you.

Sirafana/Thoth: We wish to impart to you a third key to the cosmic passage earth's collective humanity is now within. You are nearing the end of this passage in your understanding of time. Yet, it is the very nature of time itself which holds the third and final key.

Time as a dimension of reality is a product of interactions taking place between imbalanced polarities. Love is the great balancer of these polarities, this is why when you are truly in an expanded place of love time seems to be of no import. Sometimes time may seem to go very quickly, other times it seems like you have been in that experience for far longer than your clock would indicate.

Your consensus world reality has accepted the four dimensional model of reality, comprised of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, as the basis for its foundational existence. In higher worlds of understanding and awareness many more dimensions exist. These also exist in your world, but they have not been acknowledged as such by your scientists and others who assume various leadership roles. One way of understanding these additional dimensions is to become aware that when you experience something in your world, you are in fact experiencing all these other dimensions of reality but, you are simply not consciously focusing on them all to the same degree that you focus upon the four dimensions which are most tangible and real to your five senses.

The additional dimensions are found within the subtler feelings, textures and qualities of your experience. When you watch the sunset you see the three dimensions of the sun's physical size and movement through the sky, and you experience the time it takes to move through the sky. You also have many other experiences as the colors change, and beauty is upon you, reminding you of the nature of your very own soul. Beauty is a manifestation of love. The soul is love. Love changes one's experience of the dimension of time. All other dimensions are held within the dimension of love.

When you witness an object moving from one place to another, you experience that object's movement through the four dimensions of space and time. What your awareness does not allow you to see is that the object actually exists at all points along its trajectory simultaneously. In fact it exists on all universal coordinates simultaneously. This means it exists as a potential in all places at all times. It is because of the limitations of awareness that you have chosen to experience that your perceptual reality focuses down on those potentials being localized before you. Then there is a further localization that takes place wherein you perceive those potentials sequentially moving along a specific path or trajectory and then believe that the object has moved from one point to another. This is as the result of a complex set of co-creative interactions which takes place.

This is a valid reality, and should not be called an illusion. It is simply not all there is in terms of possibility and potential relative to what you perceived as this moving object. The reality you experience is based upon your awareness which forms the envelope within which your perceptions operate. Expand that envelope of awareness and your perceptions must change.

Love is the most effective means of expanding the envelope of your awareness. When we say "love," we are referring to the forms of love that you would call agape or divine love. This is love without self-interest. Yet, a greater awareness is needed on earth about what is being called "unconditional love." Many humans on earth have believed that unconditional love is giving to others without any return to themselves whatsoever. The universe always returns to you, however, in order to maintain a state of balance. If you expend energy to hold the universe's return flow to you at bay, so you can perhaps feel that you have truly been loving unconditionally and thus identify with that as part of your spirituality, then you are fighting the universe and that takes a great deal of energy and causes pain and suffering. In truth this can never be accomplished in an enduring manner, the universe will ALWAYS return to you even if it must place you in a situation wherein you can no longer help yourself so it may do so.

Unconditional love in its more expanded context means that there is no need for a direct exchange of energy to take place between beings when one loves or gives to the other in order for the universal return flow to be accomplished. In your world the prevailing systems demand direct exchange, this is simply a product of limited awareness wherein human beings attempt to maintain the universal balance within their own sphere of reality. Open your beingness to the universal return flow you have held at bay and you will help your world in ways you cannot imagine. If feelings of selfishness arise while doing this, take them into this expanded space of love and allow those parts of yourself to feel the truth that the universe must return to you to maintain overall balance. Allow the universe to do so in its own natural way rather than demanding it to do so in your way.

Herein we return to the dimension of time. Do you see how doing what we are suggesting will expand your awareness of time? Allow love to be your master, and time shall cease to be.

In the Radiance of All,

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid