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IAC MOH: You have as a collective humanity, made the long passage we spoke of to you through the latter part of 2003 in a noble fashion. Know that the keys we have given were not just for that passage, but are universal in scope and will continue to unfold their mysteries to you should you further engage them.

On the other side of this passage, the collective humanity of earth now faces some of its most difficult and yet liberating challenges. These have to do with your relationships to power. There are many things which earth's humanity engages in to derive a sense of power. Each of you has the ability to sense the places in others of your kind that work within limited modalities in this regard. It is more difficult to sense the places in one's self where this occurs.

The many dynamics which earth's humanity has engaged in the past to gain a sense of personal power have indeed been limited, but they are also stepping stones on the path up the side of the mountain of collective realization. These stepping stones can serve to pave the path to the top of the mountain, or they can be used to build a prison about yourselves. How they are used is a matter of choice for each of you individually, and collectively.

We wish to relate to you now that the choices you make in this regard over the next 13 months will have a critical bearing upon what your collective experience will be in the years ahead. Your collective journey is written in the heavens, but how you each shall experience that journey, individually and collectively, is strictly a matter of choice. You are offered an opportunity to transcend the historical limitations of awareness and perception and to rise to the place wherein love reigns supreme. One of the keys to accomplishing this is to understand your inner relationships to power evermore clearly.

Earth's humanity tends to derive its primary sense of inner power from its sense of accomplishment. This dynamic is rooted in universal principles. It is a matter of what the accomplishments are, and how they are achieved, that offers one the substance for growth or stagnation, joy or pain, expansion or contraction. All of these experiences, as we have previously related to you, are valid and part of the universal Law of Cycles.

As awareness expands, it then illumines the dark/contractive portion of its "previous cycle," and then the entire dynamic shifts into a new plane of experience and the cycle begins anew at an entirely different octave of experience. This has been termed the "spiral" by many, and not wrongly so. Yet, the spiral is still within a linear understanding of universal law. It has its place, and so do other more expanded dynamics which the spiral fits within like a cell in a larger body. We ask you to consider the dynamic which is referred to as the torus in your world. This dynamic is represented in a geometric shape that looks like a donut. It is representative of the next level of ordering in consciousness and awareness for earth's collective soul.

Both the Father and the Mother exist in balance in the torus. They dance and commune with each other, and all who touch its face are offered an instantaneous glimpse into the mystery of the eternal. Remain there in contact with the torus, and you shall remain in contact with the eternal aspect of yourself and All That Is.

This is the only true relationship to power that exists in the Universe. All other ways of experiencing power in your world are but sliver thin slices of what true contact with the torus, the shape of the One Source, represent. The torus is ultimately absolute awareness encompassing all things and beings and pure love that issues forth acceptance of ALL as its only fluid action. In this regard, you each are also a torus. It is your true nature. Its is your one and only relationship to power. All other forms of power you have experienced arise from this true power. That power may get directed hither and thither, but it derives from this true Source nonetheless.

It is within this deepening realization that you will find your ultimate empowerment in the One Source. As you gaze upon the trauma, destruction and incoherence in your world, raise your level of awareness until you start to resonate within the One awareness represented in the torus. Recognize that each pain, sorrow and tear can be those stepping stones paving the path to the top of the mountain of realization, or they can go towards building a prison about you. What ultimately determines the difference? Judgement.

Judgement is that which is the first cause in experiencing separation from the true Source of power. All other limitations stem from judgement. Likewise the first cause of judgement is the perception that there is something that is wrong in some portion of the Universe. To perceive this is to create a temporal power greater than the One Power in your individual and collective experience. It is a falsity, but it can be experienced as something that seems true within a temporal realm. Take this into your heart and much will be revealed to you.

Standing In True Power WITH You,

as received into the awareness of Rev. Simeon Nartoomid