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haleakala-venus node activation

background info and remote process for june 7th and 8th, 2004

abbreviated version

In 1989 twelve sacred seals were channeled and created by Maia Christine from Thoth and subsequently were taken to the Sinai by Dolores Kemp and sealed with special sealing wax using a sacred seal that had been designed and created especially for the occasion. The work done with these seals is not yet complete until they are buried on Haleakala in a sacred ritual on June 7th, 2004. This work involves bringing the energy, consciousness and vibration of a "future" City of Light named Korbolla into the current time frame in the collective experience on subtle levels of reality. If you wish. you can read more about these twelve seals at:

There are more links on the web page above to explore as well.

Additionally, the Haleakala Activation, taking place on June7-8, 2004, is working with the Venus Transit dynamics. Simply put, the very powerful vortex present at Haleakala [the most powerful in the USA as measured by the USGS - ref. "Exploring Lost Hawaii" by Ellie and William Crowe] is the "Venus Node or Gate in the planetary "brain." We will therefore be working with facilitating an activation of the Planetary Venus Node on this date as well.

Astrologer Monica Lewis [] states that:

A Hawaiian prophecy says that this particular transit of Venus over the sun heralds a time of creating a new earth where Divine Harmony reigns.

John Major Jenkins, the Mayan saw Hawaii as THE place where the impact of the Venus-Sun transit would be the greatest. Thus, the Mayan support the Hawaiian prophecy that beginning in Hawaii, a new world of greater love and harmony would be created under this rare Venus-Sun transit. From Hawaii, Divine Harmony radiates around the globe to add to the harmonic uplift occurring all over the planet.

This would certainly concur with our information concerning the prominence of Hawai'i-Haleakala in the coming Venus Transit.

We will ALSO be working with a group of beings known to us as the Hesperus. They are Dolphin Masters. You can read more about them if you wish at:

We will be conducting our facilitation here on Maui at the summit of Haleakla on June 7th. This will be the first part of our focus and intention to facilitate an ushering of the energy of the Venus Transit 2004 into the planet with a healing intention for the earth. On June 8th, we will follow up this intention with an anchoring a the Seven Sacred Pools near Hana, in the tropical rainforest. From the summit to the sea.. We did a similar type work at Glastonbury Tor in 1998 when we connected a circuit from the Tor to the Chalice Well. We invite you to join us either physically or simply through your spiritual presence on these days. If you are planning to actually join us physically, we need to hear from you ASAP. If you are going to simply do a remote link-up with us, below is a link to a process you can use for that.

Choose a time of day that is comfortable for you on June 7th or June 8th and ask Spirit to make the adjustment in space-time so your energy and consciousness coordinates with our activational processes here on Maui.

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