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The Twelve Seals: In 1989 twelve sacred seals were channeled and created by Maia Christine from Thoth and subsequently were taken to the Sinai by Dolores Kemp [who will be with us on Haleakala for the completion of this work on June 7-8th, 2004] and sealed with special sealing wax with a sacred seal that had been designed and created especially for the occasion. The work done with these seals is not yet complete until they are buried on Haleakala in a sacred ritual. This work involves bringing the energy, consciousness and vibration of a "future" City of Light named Korbolla into the current time frame in the collective experience on subtle levels of reality. If you wish. you can read more about the twelve seals at:

Two Cities of Light and the Templa Mar: The future City of Light Korbolla actually exists in approximately 7,000CE. It is anchored in the region of the Dead Sea energetically. There is also a City of Light anchored within the summit crater of Haleakala. It too, is a "future" City of Light except that it has a stronger vibrational register in the current earth's time frame than Korbolla does. They are both in very direct resonance with an etheric temple-grid system we know as the Templa Mar. You can read more about the Templa Mar at:

In 1997 we traveled to to Big Island of Hawaii with a friend, Carol Mann, and her partner Henry. The four if us facilitated the installation of a Templa Mar node on the rim of the Kilauea Crater, mythical home of Pele. This work involved also working with the time-gate at Palenque, Mexico to "ping" the 44:44 Ascension Stargate in order to "ghost" an image of the reality on the "other side" of the stargate into the planetary akashic [hard drive].

Burying the Seven Seals upon Haleakala during the Venus Transit is a part of a larger process that opens a path being called the "Horizon of Aton" For those of you familiar with the Templa Mar matrix this path will be overlaying the "Horizon of Thoth" in that matrix. It is through the Horizon of Aton that the Hawk of the Sun (Horus) flies "home" from the stars to engender a new stellar consciousness gained from his sacred journey.

According to Encyclopedia Mythica, Maui the demi-god was the son of Hina (the Moon Goddess), who complained that the sun moved too fast. Maui lassoed the sun and made it go slower. He caught the sun atop the mountain of Haleakala, which because of this myth, was named "The House of the Sun" (Haleakala). Maui was personified as a hawk. In that form, he stole the fire, which burned his tail feathers a dark brown. The stealer of the fire is a repeated theme throughout ancient myths, and is present in Native American lore, usually represented by the coyote. We have been made aware that the star Sirius is the seat of the "stolen fire," for in it's energy field resides the "trapped energies" of a key displaced node or energy point in greater celestial circuit.

The hawk (Horus/Maui) flies back to the nest from his heavenly sojourn. This represents the return of the sun-star Venus in it's transit. Given that Horus represents the Christ- Son/Sun, there is also the return of a Christic Presence to the earth on a new level of presentation.

The Venus-pathed hawk is bringing back to it's nest, the "sacred fire" which it stole from Earth-Mother. This "fire" was held in Sirius, and through the Venus Transit, is being returned. In other words, there is a resolution with "trapped energies" - something is to be opened up and re-directed into a course that is freeing, liberating, and in alignment with the vibration of the Universal Christic Wayshower.

Maui slowed down the sun. Some theorists see this as the Polynesians having migrated from lands where the days were shorter in duration. This could be a valid level of interpretation. Yet we see the slowing of the sun in the context of a greater planetary shift - one that happened in the past and will happen once again in the future. The Venus Transit is accelerating us toward that shift once again. Each time the transit of Venus occurs, it brings us closer to the"slowing of the sun"- both a cosmic event and an soul process as well, as we re-align to our Spiritual Sun within.

It is even possible that the work of Russian scientists Dr. S.V. Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko may prove to be true yet. They worked with the Mayan Calendar and its phi harmonics along with historical and geological data and developed one hypothesis that the sun goes through mega cycles wherein massive amounts of radiation are released, and all the planets move further out from the sun in their orbits and also expand in size. These dynamics in combination with accompanying changes in planetary rotational velocities could certainly be cause for a "slowing down of the sun" from the earth's perspective.

Is the Hawaiian Myth of the demi-god Maui an mythological way of interpreting a grand solar-cosmic event? Possibly.

The Venus Transit and Node/Gate: Additionally, the Haleakala Activation, taking place on June7-8, 2004, is working with the Venus Transit dynamics. Simply put, the very powerful vortex present at Haleakala [the most powerful in the USA as measured by the USGS - ref. "Exploring Lost Hawaii" by Ellie and William Crowe] is the "Venus Node or Gate in the human mass consciousness planetary "brain." We will therefore be working with facilitating an activation of the Planetary Venus Node on this date as well.

Astrologer Monica Lewis [] states that:

A Hawaiian prophecy says that this particular transit of Venus over the sun heralds a time of creating a new earth where Divine Harmony reigns.

John Major Jenkins, the Mayan saw Hawaii as THE place where the impact of the Venus-Sun transit would be the greatest. Thus, the Mayan support the Hawaiian prophecy that beginning in Hawaii, a new world of greater love and harmony would be created under this rare Venus-Sun transit. From Hawaii, Divine Harmony radiates around the globe to add to the harmonic uplift occurring all over the planet.

This would certainly concur with our information concerning the prominence of Hawai'i-Haleakala in the coming Venus Transit. Additionally, we have been made aware that there is a Venus Node/Gate in brains of each human and in the dolphin brain as well as in the "planetary brain." Currently, the Venus node in the dolphin's brain is more active and open than that in our brains. The Dolphin Venus Node facilitates the streaming of energy and consciousness from the magnetic field of Venus directly into the atoma [central sun or core] within the earth. The energetic entrance for this celestial streaming is at the summit of Haleakala. The Dolphin Venus Node directs this streaming through the summit vortex of Haleakala.

The Human Venus Node creates a return circuit for this energy and consciousness being fed by the Dolphin Venus Node into the center of the earth, the very heart of Gaia. That return circuit is cosmic in that it is meant to be directed outside this solar system to the Sirian System. Humans are thus meant to become an extension of Gaia's heart with its primary veins being fed from Venus by the dolphins, and its primary arteries sending sustaining life force to Sirius which is very inter-connected to the earth. The Egyptian Mysteries of Isis-Horus and Osiris were very representative of this Sirian connection.

Planetary Solar-Lunar Shells: the Solar-Lunar energy "shells" around this planet are also intimately involved in the Venus Transit dynamics and the Human-Dolphin-Planetary Venus Nodes. This is a very involved topic, but simply put we could say that the Solar-Lunar shells are vibrational zones of consciousness that are beyond the mundane level of duality we often experience on earth, and yet are not beyond duality themselves. In this way they are like stepping stones to higher non-dualistic awareness and consciousness. They are also involved in stabilizing regulatory functions regarding the incoming and outgoing "Venus Flow." You can read a bit more about the Solar-Lunar Shells at:

The Hesperus Dolphin Masters: We will ALSO be working with a group of beings known as the Hesperus to us. They are Dolphin Masters. The Hesperus Dolphin Masters are in various forms. Some of them are in dolphin bodies. Some other few are in human bodies. Others are not using a physical body at all. The Hesperus have been involved with the earth since early Lemuria. They have a specific Program of Light to administer. The dolphin and human streamings of consciousness were at one time one streaming. The dolphins are thus our relatives in a very real way. In fact, some scientists are now discovering that dolphins may have more in common with us genetically than the apes. Check out the following link for more on this very pleasing surprise:

The Dolphin Masters are endeavoring to bring the dolphin and human streaming of consciousness back together once again as part of the greater unification of earth's collective consciousness. They will be working with humans that are resonant with their Program of Light to create the new "hybrid" human-dolphin race. This is a "race" only in a consciousness sense, not physically. This will be a lot of the work we will be doing here on Maui between now and June 6, 2012 when the second Venus Transit takes place. Remember, this is ultimately about PURE LOVE.

You can read more about the Dolphin Masters at:

Comments by Thoth of the IAC MOH: June 7-8th will be the time when the Hesperus overlay the cyrstalline holo-field which has been in their keeping since it was effectively disconnected from the earth grid aeons ago. The Dolphin Masters absorbed it into their holographic brains at that time. They were then in the form of dolphins. This holo-field will now be returned to the earth on June 8th through the node of the Hawaiian Islands, most specifically at Haleakala.

This holo-field was brought to the earth by the Venusian Melchizedek in early Lemuria. It is the heart-mirror [Ab'Meror] for Venus which acts as a guardian planet for earth in order to open the passage between the two universal streamings that must unite in order for the full Program of Light to take the earth through the 44:44 stargate passage termed the ascension.

The return of the Ab'Meror from the Dolphinn Masters is an unconditional act of LOVE from them to Gaia and all her children and inhabitants. From their perspective it is a joyous reunion with the moment of Light that birthed them as they now are. Releasing the Ab'Meror to its greater destiny will open the birthing canal for the Hesperus so they may carry out their Program of Light in ushering in the new dolphin-human tribe.

Conclusion: There is much, much more to the Venus transit itself. There are some very profound correlations with astrology and the Mayan Calendar that flesh in the picture. Instead of repeating what others have written in this regard we suggest you visit the following link and check out all the Venus Transit articles, they are extensive and well-written by a number of highly qualified and diverse people.

We will be conducting our facilitation here on Maui at the summit of Haleakla on June 7th This will be the first part of our focus and intention to usher the energy of the Venus Transit 2004 into the planet as a healing intention for the earth. On June 8th, we will follow up this intention with an anchoring aT the Seven Sacred Pools near Hana, in the tropical rainforest. From the summit to the sea.. We did a similar type work at Glastonbury Tor in 1998 when we connected a circuit from the Tor to the Chalice Well. We invite you to join us either physically or simply through your spiritual presence on these days. If you are planning to actually join us physically, we need to hear from you ASAP. If you are going to simply do a remote link-up with us, below is a link to a process you can use for that.

Choose a time of day that is comfortable for you on June 7th or June 8th and ask Spirit to make the adjustment in space-time so your energy and consciousness coordinates with our activational processes here on Maui.

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