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haleakala-venus node activation

remote linkup global meditation for june 7th and 8th, 2004


Imagine yourself standing upon the summit of Haleakala at 10,023 feet. Breathe the mana [spiritual energy and power] of this place into your being. FEEL it enter your heart as you breathe in, and then breathe it out into your whole body. Repeat this breathing until you feel saturated with the powerful spiritual mana of Maui-Haleakala.

You are looking across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the lower parts of this tropical emerald green isle. To your right are the Hesperus Dolphin Masters. To your left are the local guardian spirits who join us for this spiritual work. Allow yourself to freely interact with them and open yourself to whatever they may guide you to do.

Once your spontaneous sacred process is complete, imagine a place at your feet where the twelve sacred seals and other sacred items have been buried by our group physically here on Haleakala. Draw an imaginary circle (the sun) around what has been buried and then imagine OPENING THE CIRCLE facing WEST and EAST. This will create a corridor going from west to east (and vice-versa) to facilitate a powerful surge of energy on the plane of manifestation.

Now call upon the Hesperus Dolphin Masters and offer yourself as a vessel for the starseed they carry in their holographic fields, that you may radiate this starseed through the earth until the next Venus Passage of June 6th, 2012. As we carry this starseed through this 8 year span, it will transfer from our energy bodies into other life forms (human, animal and plant) which choose to call it into being within their cells.

Now imagine that you are flying down the mountain Haleakala to the sea where 7 glistening sacred pools await you. As you land the water spirits of the area greet you. You are radiant with Love and Compassion for all life. Take an imaginary dip in the seven sacred pools and offer some of your newfound spiritual radiance to the nature spirits there and the water itself that is flowing through the pools. As the water takes on this new radiance and flows out to the sea it charges all of the waters of the earth's oceans with this spiritual love and compassion.

Free flow now as guided.

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