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a planetary initiation of compassion

Right around the first of the year Sirafana became very present within my field of conscious awareness and then sent a holographic projection into my field. Within that holographic multi-dimensional thought-ball, she imparted to me that with the advent of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December of 2004 the collective consciousness of humanity had "officially" entered the "Initiation of Compassion." Sirafana also related that this planetary initiation would last approximately 16 years. This places us on the threshold of the year 2021 when this completes.

Those of you who were on our list prior to June 2004 will remember that we related information that the Venus Gate opened in June of 2004 and will close in June of 2012. The Venus Gate is therefore approximately 8 years in duration and the Initiation of Compassion is 16 years in duration. The Venus Gate thus takes us to the half-way point in the Initiation of Compassion. Touching bases with the previous information we released concerning the Venus Gate might be helpful at this point for expanding your awareness even further in terms of the relationship between the Venus Gate and the planetary Initiation of Compassion.

Now you might be thinking that the Initiation of Compassion has been around since the inception of time on this planet. If so, you are absolutely correct. However, that has been manifesting on the material plane as individual soul initiations until the December 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean re-calibrated the planetary chronos function and opened the way for this planetary initiation to commence at a collective level. The entire collective consciousness soul of the earth has now entered into this phase of spiritual initiation enmasse.

This is significant in that it also demarks a significant movement towards unity consciousness on earth. We can see this represented rather dramatically in manifest world events right now. With the advent of new communication technologies like the internet and satellite broadcasting we have the suffering of other parts of the world on our television screens daily. Many, many people have been moved to offer assistance of one sort or another to the victims of the several natural mega-events we have recently witnessed like the tsunami, hurricane's Katrina and Rita, the mega-quake in Pakistan and also the manmade event, the war in Iraq.

It appears with the mega-quake in Pakistan that the world's supply of aid and compassion has run short after being drawn so heavily upon by the disastrous events that shortly preceded the quake. Yet in the holographic thoughtball that Sirafana sent my way was the awareness that this is part of the spiritual impetus being released upon our planet right now and is integral with the Initiation of Compassion.

As the tension mounts with such large scale natural disasters taking place in fairly rapid succession the collective consciousness of humanity is challenged to take a journey deeper into its core essence to deal with these manifest circumstances. The material manifestation of these events is but an externalization of the universal and cosmic energy patterns that are gaining strength within the etheric environment of the earth at this time.

As masses of individuals embark upon this journey the harmonics of the collective consciousness move more into resonance with the harmonics of phi, the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is a mathematical representation the harmonics of universal love. This is the type of love the Greeks called "Agape." This is a universal brotherly/sisterly love rooted in a larger field of awareness and and which is not possessed by limited concerns for the self or ego-centric dynamics.

There are many souls on this planet who have already individually completed the Initiation of Compassion in times past, or perhaps even in this current time frame. These souls will be called upon in unique ways during the planetary Initiation of Compassion to help facilitate the collective passage. This engagement will also serve the purpose for these souls to further their Heart Ascension process. Our inner planes mentors informed us many years ago that the mass planetary ascension they are calling Light-Principle Forty [LP-40] could not take place until enough souls had completed the Heart Ascension thereby allowing the collective soul of humanity to stabilize itself within a proper field of phi harmonics, otherwise known as a merkabic field.

So what will completing one's Heart Ascension process be like when that happens? According to our inner planes mentors the keynote will be that we will no longer have any desire to be anyplace other than where we are. Our INNER experience will have shifted to such a degree that the often difficult and challenging circumstances of life will be seen and accepted fully as part of the ongoing contiguous process of life in all dimensions. As such, the difficulties will no longer be experienced as undesirable and will be embraced identically the same as the more pleasurable experiences in life.

Contemplate this for a moment, I mean REALLY contemplate it. It has VAST implications. I have spent the last 7 years deeply contemplating this and watching the process unfold in my own experience. One of things that I have dealt with as part of this process is that the closer I approach the place where the difficult and the pleasurable are experienced equally, the more I find myself feeling devoid of motivation at times. Then, like a ray of sunlight bursting through a cloud I find solid connection to that deeper sense of motivation which is found in loving for the sake of loving, in giving for the sake of giving, and being for the sake of being. We all experience this at times. To sustain it indefinitely is another thing altogether. The Heart Ascension process starts stringing these experiences together more cohesively like individual pearls on a string to make a beautiful necklace.

Many of us have made the effort to think/feel these expansive and loving thoughts for a very long time. It is, however, an entirely different thing to take the plunge and to fully live the consciousness they represent thereby crossing the seeming chasm between limited human experience and the unlimited Self, God Self, Atma, Soul, Monad, or whatever you choose to call that unlimited aspect of your being. All Masters and beings of great wisdom have essentially said the same thing: to live the teachings is the hardest accomplishment of all. Sirafana is whispering to me as I write "now is the time to live the teachings and to become a walking book of love as did Isho'a/Yeshua." She indicates that the ancient temples were a time of attaining knowledge of universal laws and harmonics within a field of density, but that today we are called to live that knowledge and become a living example of the wisdom it represents.

With Sirafana's sweet embrace I am also reminded of information Maia received some years back on the White Book of Love which was written by St. John the Beloved according to her sources. We were informed years ago that this book would be "found" once again and it would have great impact on the world when it is. The White Book of Love may indeed be found in its ancient physical form some day as sacred artifact. However, that discovery shall be but a small token, or outer representation, of the manifestation of the White Book of Love within the hearts of all humans who allow it to etch itself upon the fabric of their souls.

Are we witnessing the White Book of Love being written upon the hearts of the many in the midst of the many large natural disasters we have witnessed for all to see? I for one think so. Unprecedented acts of kindness and compassion have unfolded for all the world to see. Likewise, horrible acts of violence and human cruelty and greed have also emerged. The darker component is often part of healing response taking place on a planetary scale. That does not mean all darker expression is part of a healing response by any means, but all energy whether we call it dark or light has a Divine Purpose for existing or it would not exist at all. It all comes out of a greater field of love to embrace us within the Sacred Flow of Life itself.

When I say the "Sacred Flow of Life," that term is not limited to the constructs of what we know as physical life. Rather it embraces life in all dimensions of being from the most limited to the most expansive. In this way then the Sacred Flow of Life is eternal and is the active part of God-Spirit-Source. We might even venture to say that the Sacred Flow of Life is the Divine Mother in all her mutable and creative glory.

Within the holographic thoughtball that Sirafana sent my way I could see that the planetary Initiation of Compassion will summon the souls of earth to an engagement with the Sacred Flow of Life in a way that has never been seen before on the earth. How this occurs depends on an almost infinite array of variables, many of which are determined by the response humanity has to the events unfolding in our world an their relations with each other. Sirafana relates to me here that EACH LOVING RESPONSE COUNTS MORE THAN WE CAN IMAGINE TOWARDS THE FINAL GOAL. Let us be ever-more aware of all opportunities to respond to adversity from a platform of love.

It is vitally important for souls, with enough awareness to be conscious of the collective transformation underway, to learn to prioritize their energies and lives in such a way that they cannot be easily pulled out of their love-body-center by unexpected, difficult, and unusual events. When you are offered the opportunity, respond to adversity from the place of love within, always, to the best of your ability. This activity will help to align you into the greater field of universal phi harmonics present within the earth's energy environment. This field of phi harmonics, is what we have termed the Metatronic Spiral.

If you forget and react or respond at times from anything other than your love-body- center, do not judge your self. Simply recognize that you missed the mark and prepare to take aim and try again. If you were shooting arrows from a bow and missed the target altogether and the arrow stuck in the ground off to the side, would you be able to hit the target the next time if you keep looking at the arrow that missed? Certainly not. Simple stuff in principle, not so simple in practice. Keep your eye on the spiritual goal and potential!

Over the next 16 years the collective consciousness will be struggling immensely to complete the Initiation of Compassion. This will affect each of us in very deep and profound ways. All who read this article will be called upon to facilitate this passage while at the same time expanding their own field of awareness into phi harmonics -- Agape love.

Spirit Heart Sanctuary has formed a solid reference point within the field of phi harmonics present within the planetary experience. This effort was initiated and facilitated by Maia and myself, but by no means have we accomplished this alone. The Illumined Ones who truly founded this planetary Station of Light and also all of YOU have been very much a part of the effort.

We do not have personal contact with but a few of you, but we are very aware of the good energy you bring to the effort and which helps to weave the fabric of the vessel of light we are traveling in together. This vessel of light and love shall become even more important as the planetary Initiation of Compassion unfolds. Stable reference points to phi harmonics in the planetary etheric are necessary in order to provide an energetic bridge for the many souls who will need to make the crossing into greater fields of love and compassion.

In this way Spirit Heart Sanctuary forms a pylon in this greater bridge. There are many other organizations and group foci on earth that form the other pylons and portions of the bridge. Each pylon is an anchor of strength in the Light and Love of the Christos manifest on earth. Each of us is called to take this manifestation of the Christic being to the next level in our experience in a very large way now.

I wish to express my appreciation for each and every one of you and all the effort you make to embody the Christos on earth by whatever name you call it. The earth is a much better place for your efforts even if you think you are more a part of the problem than the solution at times. The simple facts are that you care enough to try to change, and you know the basic spiritual principles which need to be incorporated into your changes. That alone places you in the top few percentile of human beings on the phi scale on earth in my humble opinion. Take time to celebrate THIS accomplishment and watch how all OTHER accomplishments will seem far less significant.

Love is what matters. Consciousness is love becoming aware of itself, moving from sentience to consciousness which requires intellect. The true purpose of intellect is to facilitate the expansion of self-awareness and self-reflection leading to self-realization. Divine Love is love operating in a field of total awareness without limitation - absolute awareness of self and other. The more we expand our field of awareness into universal domains the more our expressions of love will manifest as Agape, that universal brotherly/sisterly love we all know at a very deep levels and crave more than ever now. This too, is part of the Initiation of Compassion and fuels our journey so we can make it to the destination.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid
January 24, 2006