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gravity, awareness and love

july 3, 2004

I [Simeon] was responding to an e-mail from a friend this morning when the flood gates opened and I found myself sharing things I had never quite shared in this way before. I then realized that this was something meant to be shared with you. Enjoy!


I was made aware of the connection between the gravity [versus the EM field] of earth and its relationship to our consciousness about 12 years ago. My understanding of that relationship continues to grow as I "unpack" the encoded packet delivered to me those 12 years ago. If I were to summarize the awareness that has come into my conscious plane of experience around this over the last 12 years it would go like this:

The parameters of consciousness on any given planetary orb are such that they set the primary envelope of consciousness for the souls evolving on that orb. This is not a curse, but a blessing. This is one of several mechanisms in place which allow a soul to focalize its ray in such a way that it can work within a very specific arena in the universal continuum without being overwhelmed by an infinite amount of universal energy/data.

A second buffering mechanism in place for souls on any planetary orb is the solar consciousness thresholds in their solar system's Star-Sun(s). As a soul's awareness expands through the evolutionary process they are engaged in, there comes a time where they move into using their system's solar threshold as their primary buffering mechanism [ a more expanded format]. This is what Solar Initiation has been about through the ages, a preparation and introduction of the soul into this plane of awareness using the solar threshold and not the planetary threshold as a buffer.

A third buffering mechanism also exists. For earth, the tertiary buffer is Alcyone in the Pleiades. This then moves through system within system until you reach galactic core, and then it expands into the next higher level of ordering of the "wheels within wheels." In truth, these are concentric spheres of awareness all interpenetrating each other, each with a permeable "membrane" [its threshold] that contains it [kind of like the membrane that contains our brain]. The membrane is the "threshold." It also allows energies and consciousness with the correct "codes" to pass through it. These codes are, in their fundamental make-up, founded upon degrees of awareness completion - how well awareness has traveled out from a point, then back upon itself. This mechanism is itself the mechanism of consciousness formation from a sentient state - which is awareness traveling outwards from a point and not returning to itself in a way which "registers."

Thus, as we expand our field of self-awareness, our consciousness grows and moves not only past the Earth's threshold or logos, but beyond our solar logos as well, then past the logos of Alcyone, and then. . .

The beauty of this is that because these "logoi" are really interpenetrating spheres, we have moments where we pass through several of the membranes all at once and have a cosmic consciousness experience. Then the baseline vibration of our consciousness in human form often seeps back in and we drift back through the membranes to reside within our current solar [or possibly earthen] logos.

BUT, we have then received an imprint within our field of conscious awareness that is there forever, and we have expanded awareness. This imprint acts as a seed vibration which continues to grow, to call us into a deeper and more committed engagement with the process of consciousness development itself. Many individual souls have experienced this over the aeons. However, as a planetary soul, we are on the brink of a mass aha in this regard that will shift everything, forever. The planetary consciousness itself as a whole, is in the midst of Solar Initiation. Those souls that have already experienced this in various lifetimes as pre-cursor surrogates, and who have traveled beyond the confines of the Solar Logos, will soon also find themselves residing solidly in the awareness logos of Alcyone and beyond.

And the Christ Logos? The Christ Logos is a sphere of awareness which is not localized in any one planetary or stellar orb, but within the being we call the Christos. This Being interpenetrates and permeates ALL other orbs of awareness, and delivers the coding of Divine Grace into even the most contracted spheres of awareness wherein consciousness is yet but a glimmer upon the fabric of sentience. Divine Grace is a universal law unto itself which allows passage through the limitations of all spheres of awareness upon the WINGS of PURE LOVE. The current Venus Gate we are in [until the second Venus Transit on June 6, 2012] is a primary element of not only the planetary Solar Initiation, but perhaps more importantly, a quickening and strengthening of the Christic Logos in our solar system.

Which sphere of awareness shall we experience? It is primarily a matter of choice. Expand your level of awareness, and your perceptions shall shift to reflect that more expanded plane of awareness - and your thoughts, feelings and choices will reflect those new perceptions.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid


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