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remote linking process

with the amatrix angels and phi gate

for use with remote participation on march 5, 2005


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the process

1) Imagine yourself standing here on Kaua'i with our small local group. Emerald green ramparts rise precipitously into the heavens, azure blue seas sparkle in the tropical sun. White tailed tropic birds soar past you on a gentle Hawaiian breeze that sweeps down upon you through the arc of a vivid rainbow. Take flight and fly through the rainbow.

2) Now, breathe deeply into your heart, and then out through the crown of the head (into the cosmos) and through the feet (into the center of the earth) at the same time. Continue breathing this way until you feel Light filling your body and an energy movement in your heart.

3) Sense the Presence of the Amatrix Angels as they move through the Phi Gate to gather the matrix of Gaia into their hearts. Open your heart to receive the crystalline geometries of the New Earth Hologram, and to become in your own way, a streaming for the planetary re-genesis into the New Earth Star.

4) Ask now to receive the heart inscription of the Amatrix Angels. This is a sacred geometry of the ROSE inscribed within the heart chakra - the "lotus and the rose." You may focus upon the "Rose Amatrix Mandala"(above) if you wish, to bring you into accord with this vibration.

Take some time to allow this inscription to enter deeply into your being. Know that you and the Divine Pattern of the Amatrix Angels are ONE.

5) On WINGS OF LIGHT (emanating as arcs of Light pulsing out from the heart) move through the planetary hologram, seeding the Presence of the PURE LIGHT OF LOVE.

6) Feel this healing Presence within you, saturating all of your energy bodies.

Let us anchor PRESENCE together as the wave of the Amatrix Angels, with their crystalline fields passes through all of the living earth in order to assimilate it into their Beingness.

From this point forward, periodically quicken the Angelic Amatrix inscription in your heart. Touch into the sparkling streams of the Amatrix and feel the gentle touch of their wings of Light (the pulse of their merkabah coming from their heart centers). This is a deep spiritual well that you can continue to drink from for the rest of your life.


the First Language or 'Language of the Angels', meaning in essence:
to open, receive, give, embrace. . . and come full circle into the HEART


global march 5th phi gate gatherings