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phi gate global gatherings

march 5th, 2005

Please contact the coordinator(s) to participate in any of these gatherings and obtain any special meditations they may be using. To organize a March 5th Phi Gate Gathering of your own or to participate solo, feel free to use our Phi Gate Amatrix Angel Process.  You can also contact us to have your March 5th Phi Gate gathering included here, PROVIDED it is entirely non-commercial in nature [no fees or donations required], and it is open to anyone who desires to participate in it [no discrimination].

There are many, many, more people connecting into this coordination on March 5th than are listed here. Some of them are commercially oriented, others are just a couple of friends or even single persons joining us remotely. These are not all listed here because our purpose in providing this list is to simply help people connect with non-commercial March 5th Phi Gate Gatherings that they can physically go to and participate in if they wish.

This does not mean that we have anything against commercial activities, even ones relating to the March 5th Phi Gate process. It does mean that we specifically are casting forth a Reality Matrix from Spirit Heart Sanctuary that helps to set the foundational parameters for the New Earth Star more solidly in place. The key element in that projection is SERVICE operating within UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS: i.e. service without thought of self-gain because larger circuits of universal exchange are recognized and integrated within the being. There is much we could say about this, but this is not the place to do so. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss it further in order to understand our position better.

If anybody is told they must make a donation or pay a fee to participate in any of the events listed below, please let us know immediately and we will remove that venue from the list.



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