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We have shared a great deal of information concerning the Phi Gate and its opening on March 5th, 2005, as well the Maiden Grid and the Venus Transits, in previous communications. I will thus only give a brief bit of background information on these dynamics herein leaving it to the reader to explore previous messages at the links provided at the end of this article.

The Venus Transit which occurred on June 8th, 2004 is the first of a pair of significant celestial events. The second Venus Transit occurs on June 6th, 2012. The period of time between them is being termed the "Venus Gate."

The Phi Gate is a hyper-dimensional celestial vortex that has been magnetically anchored for a temporal period of time within the earth's crystalline grid at Kaua'i, most specifically in association with the sacred mountain Wai'ale'ale. It will host a transmission from galactic center on March 5th, 2005, one that will forever alter the crystalline geometries of the earth's etheric envelope. The Phi Field is a vast field of energy and consciousness which will pour through the Phi Gate during and after the cosmic trigger which will occur on March 5th. March 5th is but the "threshold" wherein enough cosmic momentum has been built up to take across the line of demarcation into the reality on the other side of the "gate."

The Maiden Grid is the soma, or body, for the New Earth Maiden. The human body has an axiotonal grid in its etheric body [the KA or etheric double] which is made up of crystallized star light. The axiotonal grid thus incorporates many stellar vectors and energies within its overall design, and is in part made up of your unique astrology. But it is more than our individual astrology, it also mirrors specific elements of the Adam Kadmon, or Divine Template for expression as a human being. This in turn is a massive and entirely universal set of stellar vectors crystallized by Master Intelligences into a "template" or archetype that can interface with various Logoi in the universe for the purpose of exanding the range of divine human experience in the universe. The interface of the Adam Kadmon with first our Solar Logos, and then secondarily our Planetary Logos, largely determine the type of physical form that is needed for the specific expression of an the embodied race - in this case our human race.

The easiest way to think about the Maiden Grid then, is to witness it as a correlative of the human axiotonal grid for the New Earth Maiden or Divine Feminine archetype. This axiotonal grid is being woven into the earth's etheric body, and consequently into our own "individual" etheric bodies, because they are in truth at-one with the earth's etheric body. The weaving of this Maiden Grid has in fact been ongoing for well over 100 years. Its exact nature has been determined in part by the evolutionary thrust of humanity itself. However, there are celestial factors involved that have been brought into the weaving of the New Earth Maiden's soma which are universal in scope and far beyond the limited perceptions of most of humanity.

The Venus Gate is a period of time [8 years] wherein gestation of the New Earth Maiden will be occurring. The Phi Gate opening on March 5th is where her soul matrix becomes more than fifty percent present within her soma even as her etheric body and axiotonal system is still being fully developed. The Phi Field has a similar relationship tp the Maiden's soma as does the human soul to the human body. The Phi Field can be thought of then, albeit somewhat metaphorically, as the soul energy for the New Earth Maiden. It is, however, also much more than that and its vibrational register within the earth's etheric body reaches far beyond the New Earth Maiden archetype it hosts. The Phi Field pouring into the earth's crystallex grid will affect everything here on physical, etheric, astral, causal and soul levels of being as new flame geometries infuse the old forms of the earth propelling them towards a quantum leap in evolution. The New Earth Maiden is a key dynamic in what is unfolding for us right now in this regard.

There is a cycle of the Divine Feminine known most commonly as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. On a planetary level this cycle has repeated itself many times over in the existence of the earth in celestial terms, versus every human female's re-enactment of this Great Cycle during the course of her life. During periods where there is a New Maiden being birthed, the previous cycle's Crone becomes the new Maiden's Mentor for however long is deemed necessary in that particular cycle by the Illumined Ones. What is important for us to understand at this time, is that the New Earth Maiden will have her soul energy very present within her soma or body as an archetypal presence after March 5th, 2005. This infusion of energies roughly correlates to the point where a fetus starts to receive the soul energy wishing to incarnate within that form. At this point the expecting mother often starts to feel more than just a live body in her womb, and begins to experience the actual soul energies and qualities of her soon-to-be baby. This is how it will be for us on earth. To those humans on earth who are sensitive to subtler energies, the soul essence of the New Earth Maiden will begin to be perceived more fully.

In a similar manner the New Earth Maiden will be in gestation within her new soma or body until the second Venus Transit on June 6th, 2012. This is the point wherein she will actually be birthed into a more solid structure and form. The Crone of the Old Earth will remain with her for some period of time after that to pass on her wisdom, and then she leaves the earth reality forever. Her tender impress and caress will fondly remain with us for all time, so not to worry about losing her as a familiar. The actual birthing of the New Earth Maiden on June 6th, 2012 may be at some other location on the planet besides Kaua'i, yet to be announced.

In a previous message I received from the IAC Merkabah of the Host dated 05/23/04, we were informed most beautifully about the role of a universal Divine Feminine archetype that many of the Illumined Ones know as "Ishkea." We were also informed that Venus was her "daughter," and that we would receive a cosmic gift from Ishkea and a sweet embrace or cosmic hug on the date of the first Venus Transit. We indeed received a cosmic embrace on that day as a planetary consciousness, many people reported they felt it happening.

Now, I have been brought into an awareness wherein it is being revealed that the New Earth Maiden is the bearer of Ishkea's primary gift that follows the "cosmic hug." The New Earth Maiden is also Ishkea's daughter. Ishkea will be pouring forth her essence into the earth through the New Earth Maiden as she develops and matures. To those who are sensitive to subtle energies her presence will be immediately known. She will unveil herself for the masses at a later date after the second Venus Transit takes place, representing her actual exoteric birthing.

I was also brought into an awareness that it is Ishkea who gives birth to the New Maiden on EVERY changing Divine Feminine cycle, not just this one. She has many earth daughters! So what is so special about this time, when EACH time is truly so special? This time around, we are not just sounding a higher note, we are moving into an entirely new octave of the Divine Feminine which has not yet been sounded in the earth before. The last time we moved into an entirely different octave in this regard was at the end of Atlantis.

This is where we now get into the real substance of this unfoldment. We are each being called upon to embody this New Earth Maiden in our own being, to help her take her first breath, to stay alive and healthy while in the womb space of the Venus Gate for the next 8 years. She embodies the Divine Feminine aspect of the Christ Consciousness and is destined to transport us to a higher degree of balance leading ultimately to androgynous states of being.

What are the primary qualities of this new Goddess energy? Here is what was revealed to me: soul level compassion [as differentiated from human compassion], balanced nurturance, and mutable love crystallizations.

Soul level compassion can be differentiated from a personality level compassion in that it is far more objective. It is a compassion that has been elevated beyond all sympathetic and empathic components and which accepts the negative or painful experience of other beings as being entirely valid for them PRIOR to projecting itself forward into an outward compassionate expression [there is much to this which I won't go into further here lest it sidetrack me from the main thrust of this article].

Balanced nurturance is a full-on embrace without any possibility of becoming overbearing; or on the other hand, of having the nurturer shut down or feel somehow denied in the process. Today, as human beings we do our best and still come up short of what we know is possible in terms of nurturing others. We might move with spontaneity to nurture someone who needs it, then, we find we have inadvertently over-extended ourselves somehow and have to pull back towards balance.

Mutable love crystallizations are what happens when love is liberated to follow its own nature. This is rarely attempted successfully until the soul reality has impressed itself upon the personality consciousness to a high enough degree. We see many examples of non-mutable love crystallizations in our world today. These non-mutable crystallizations are breaking apart quickly now and dissipating. The New Earth Maiden will, in the future, eventually bring mutable love crystallizations into a more profound manifestation as a primary form in our world.

Love crystallizations can have many faces, such as a relationship that is too rigid and has become a dark prison for those involved. They can materialize also as feelings of fondness we have for something or someone and that never change regardless of what is taking place, and which are part of a dysfunctional dynamic rather than being anchored in more expanded forms of soul based love. These immutable love crystallizations can also look like an unreasonable love for an inanimate object, or a dysfunctional and harmful habit. They can be blind love for a religion, or nation, or any group or organization that is rooted in loyalty at the cost of ethical and moral values. The lowest expression this world has seen of immutable love crystallizations in recent times was Hitler. He loved his self-serving and grossly distorted ideal at the expense of many, many others.

The New Earth Maiden will bring these new spiritual gifts to planet earth to strengthen our own efforts to move in this direction. She will add an immense amount of potential into the equation for us to tap. In order to tap the gifts she brings, we must become aware of them and stay aware of them, the rest unfolds naturally. When you work with the Amatrix Angel process we have provided for remote linking with us for the March 5th Phi Gate opening, hold it in your heart that the new crystalline forms and flame geometries we are facilitating within the earth's etheric envelope include the Light encoding for the New Earth Maiden as well.

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by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid


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