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solar mysteries announcement

june 6th, 2005

I have written a brief intro to both the Solar and the Lunar pages on the Spirit Mythos website:

There is also a new article in the Solar section:

"The Pyriethum and the Suna (Grail) Apis"

I moved the "Osiris and the Solar Crosses" article to this section as well.

As we become more involved with the sun of our solar system via the intense and increasing solar flares and other geo-magnetic disturbances, so this planet is being taken into the solar envelope...receiving it's solar initiation. I originally wrote about the four temple complexes (most specifically the one at Lake Moeris in Egypt) in the only 1999 issue of Temple Doors. I have lately been feeling a tremendous "pull" toward opening that scroll again. I sense that the "Suna Apis" is stirring and that we, as essentially Light beings from the Central Sun of the universe will be receiving from the Solar Lord-Kings of the Suna Apis, as they quicken their DNA once again.


I have re-done almost all my Spirit Mythos galleries into flash presentations. I also created a special flash presentation with the "Aloha Angel" on the Pihanakalani website that you might enjoy:

by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid