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new spirit mythos oracle

now ready to use (08/08/05)

After many months of steady work to create it, we now have a first class online oracle tool available on the Spirit Mythos website.

The Spirit Mythos Oracle has 75 (!) of Maia's beautiful mystical images in it, and each one has an oracle message associated with it based upon Maia's channeled material for that image. When you click the "Consult Oracle" button the computer will "randomly" select one of the images from its database and then will display it along with the oracle message that is associated with that image.

The Princeton Engineering Anomaly Reaseach [P.E.A.R.] unit demonstrated conclusively over a decade ago that human consciousness can and does significantly affect the outcome of random number generators. It is our belief that the combination of your consciousness, along with that of your guides, mentors and God- Self, can work through a random number generator to select the right oracle message for that moment in time the same as if you drew a tarot/oracle/divination card from a deck of them.

We hope you find the Spirit Mythos Oracle tool a helpful aid on your spiritual journey of Ascension. Please feel free to share this with others, its for everyone.

Try the Spirit Mythos oracle tool:


by Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid