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shs list announcement

august 12th, 2005

I [Simeon] have just written a new article entitled "What is Truth" which is now available on our website at the link immediately below. This article explores the nature of truth, and what we can do to bring our own personal truth into accord with our highest point of Light and awareness.

Maia has also now released a new series of 17 images and an article related to the Rex Mundi dynamic and archetype. Here is what she says about this new offering:

Rex Mundi: that mysterious esoteric figure with whom the Templars and other esoteric orders of the past were fascinated, is viewed in the akashic library of Thoth to be a much more expanded dynamic than that of the Satan/Christ personas (the two polarized views). Followers of the Renne Le Chateau mystery and the recent Da Vinci Code have also included Rex Mundi in their esoteric vocabulary. . . the article continues at the link below as part of the Solar Mysteries section of Spirit Mythos.