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special announcement


The first issue of our new Numis'Om ~ Eye of Metatron e-publication is finally ready to for you to read! A subscription to Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron provides other subscriber goodies like the freebie and discounted e-art and e-publications [10 items available right now].

We have set this up so there are six levels of subscription possible starting at only $1.83 per month [$22 a year], and they all access the SAME content. If that is still too much please contact us. There are some extra gifts from us to you for those who subscribe at one of the upper three levels as our way of saying thank you. Those include your own personal or email address [ or] with a simple web mail interface you can use as well from anywhere in the world, and a listing or spiritual message on our new sponsor's page if you would like one.

You can view the subscription plans in more detail as well as info on what we plan for the Temple of Illumined Initiation website that will also be accessible to all subscribers at:

Just click the "About Our Subscriptions" link, there is a lot of info available there. 

Articles in the first introductory issue include:

We have gifted subscriptions to all those of who donated more than $44 in the last six months as well as to those of you who have supported this Temple in other exemplary ways. Those of you who were gifted in this manner were sent emails with your specific login information previous to this email, please use that and not the login information given herein.

If we missed anyone please let us know.

Enjoy and have a blessed Easter!