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7 rays of luminescence
on 06/20/06

I [Maia] was asked a question in the Spirit Mythos forums which elicited an answer from Thoth that I felt everyone should be aware of.

The question:

"I wanted to know if you had received any info on the shift of energy coming in 6/20 and what if anything it has to do with the new dimensional colors and chakras? Things are really moving and people are being asked to deal with extraordinary situations."

Thoth's response concerning celestial occurrences for June 20th, 2006 from his perspective:

7 Rays of Solar Luminescence are released from the sun and sent like arrows of the Cupid into the inner sun (atoma) of the earth. They reach and enter the earth's inner sun on June 20th of 2006.

From this occurrence, so these 7 Rays will begin to create new patterns in the crystalline fields of earth. Just another stage of building the New Earth Star Hologram.

by Rev. Maia Nartoomid