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This first section is the result of Maia's interactions with Thoth:

Maia: Thoth, could you please give us some more information about the Seven Solar Luminescent Rays which will penetrate the earth on June 20th, 2006 and strike the core of the central sun atoma?

Thoth: They are an issuance of the Living Light Hosts (angelic beings within the star-suns) who compose the sun of your solar system. These rays are being sent forth in response to specific human consciousness emanations which are accelerating the awareness frequency of the planet. A certain number has been reached that offers a conduit for these divine solar emanations.

Maia: Are these human consciousness emanations from different groups of people, or individuals, or both?

Thoth: Both. However, some of the groups of synergic individuals are especially potent in this acceleration at this time, due to the breath and depth of communication that is possible in your world now, accomplished mostly through the Internet.

As you recall, several months ago we spoke to you about "Ascension Light" -- the frequency channel established on earth by the Illumined Ones in order to boost light-engendered awareness that is already "singing" through the medium of the internet, and to some extent, through television and radio. While books and articles are also a part of this, the actual presence of such information and simply connecting through prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices ON THE WEB transports the energy into a more refined and coherent substance. Also, the group intentions of spiritual gatherings all over the world made possible through e-mail and on-line networking is a powerful force for acceleration of the spiritual awareness factor on the planet.

Maia: So what are the Seven Solar Luminescent Rays and what are they going to do for us and for the earth?

Thoth: They will inscribe new patterns within the crystalline fields of earth that are the new "signature" of the planet -- the signature of Numis'OM. Like a plant or a single cell, the planet as a whole has a signature frequency - an inscription of energy as unique as a fingerprint for THIS world. Each world's signature is different. These signatures change as the awareness of the collective soul of the world as a whole changes.

Maia: What will we experience from the new signature?

Thoth: The signature will not change instantly when the seven rays strike the inner atoma. How long it takes will depend on many factors, but it will take some years to fully develop. However, the instant the core is "struck," the earth will ring like a bell - a new tone, a new note of Alleluia. Only those who are clairaudient on or near the frequency of that "channel" will hear it, although most will not recognize it as significant even at that.

This "strike" will move back UP through the earth, forming a lightning path through the planetary Tree of Life, so that each "sphere" of Intelligent LIGHT on the tree will send it's message upward through the path. These Sephirothic messages will then be distributed into the crystalline grid of the earth and of the DNA of all beings within her energetic envelope. Individuals currently receptive to experience conscious energy shifts will find multiple transformative happenings occurring for them over the next 10 years at least, from this one "strike" - but more "strikes" are to follow. We cannot say when, for there are many determining factors.

Maia: Thoth, there are so many transformative energy events happening now it is almost an overload, like..."another one??" Is it that humanity is creating their own through wishful thinking or are so many "events" (stargate openings, etc) REALLY taking place now?

Thoth: It is happening. Even those "events" that originate within the desire of the human sub-conscious mind have the power to manifest true spiritual activation. However, there are many doors being opened now as well by the Divine Intelligences in response to the Clarion Call of earth's humanity for spiritual liberation from the confines of a limited material world.

Maia: How best may we all "tune in" to the event of June 20th, 2006?

Thoth: Be PRESENT with the event...each in your own way. You may also wish to join with others in synergy. I give you no set ritual for this, as it should be a free-flow from the HEART, which acknowledges the GIFT that is being offered and the fact that this "Gift" is given through the receptive power of a "quantum" portion of humanity.

The following section is the result of a direct interaction between Simeon and Thoth and his partner, Sirafana.

Simeon: Is there a correlation between the Seven Solar Luminescent Rays and the Seven Rays held by the Elohim as outlined in the AA Bailey material by DK?

Thoth/Sirafana: indeed, the seven Solar Luminescent Rays are a precursory introduction to the NEW 12 RAY SYSTEM that shall set the vibrational parameters, envelope and specific natural laws for the New Earth Star [NES]. The Seven Solar Luminescent Rays are NOT seven of the new rays themselves, but are rather like a key that opens the first of the many doors that must be passed through enroute to the NES through Numis'OM.

Simeon: to my knowledge this is the first time you or anyone has referred to the NES as being a twelve ray system. Is there a correlation between the twelve ray system of the NES and the much spoken of incoming twelve strand DNA?

Thoth/Sirafana: twelve strand DNA is a much misunderstand topic, but to keep to your question there is a correlation. Understand that the causal prototype of a twelve strand human DNA [the Adam Kadmon] has been present within your overall human DNA frequency signature since its inception at the collective human alpha point. It does not at this time exist at a physical level in your world. It will be some time AFTER the planetary collective ascension which we term LP-40 before this actually manifests at a physical level. However, at that time what will be "physical" will much subtler and more refined than what you know as such today.

The physicality which most beings entering the early stages of the NES will experience will be akin to the higher vibrational nature of the Avalonic realm, also similar to the upper astral regions within the current earth's energy environment. It will not be until every last being within the current earth experience has actually made their passage into the NES that the full-blown potential of the twelve strand DNA will make itself known to the collective.

Even beings such as ourselves are bound by this limitation because we too are part of the collective soul of the earth. Yet, there are gradations of this twelve strand potential that can be realized before that ultimate potential unveils itself, and the gamut of individual experience within the earth's collective soul in this regard has considerable width and will remain so.

Celestial energetic infusions and triggers like the Seven Solar Luminescent Rays will continue to expand the potential which is available to all beings within the earth's collective sphere in regards to manifestation of the twelve strand DNA matrix of the Adam Kadmon. The actual rays which set the vibrational parameters for a given system and the world's within it are larger in scope than the Adam Kadmon or the matrix of DNA.

Relative to DNA, we might say that these Elohim ray configurations are one element upon a COSMIC PRIMAL DNA SUPER STRAND which holds the primal codes from which all DNA based life arises. DNA issues forth from the primal vibrational encoding sequences that the SUPER STRAND contains.

a suggested process for june 20. 2006

I [Simeon] was guided to share the process I brought through and which i will be using to connect with the Seven Luminescent Rays more consciously and to help integrate them into the earth on June 20, 2006.

Begin by placing yourself into a meditative and peaceful state of mind and being. Breathe slowly and rhythmically in and our through your heart until you feel your state of inner peace deepen sufficiently that your inner guidance indicates it is time to begin the visualization process which follows.

Visualize yourself sitting within the center of the earth in the lotus position. The earth envelopes you like a cosmic egg. You are the earth's atoma or sacred center and you are at one with Gaia.

Spend a few minutes absorbing the higher frequencies of Gaia's heart, she is a great celestial being who has incarnated as the earth.

Feel yourself rotating now with the earth, slowly but surely. Your field of vision slowly changes from peering into the far reaches of our solar system and the universe beyond, to looking directly at our sun. Adjust your vision to higher-dimensional reality so you see beyond what a telescope can see. Allow yourself to rotate nine times, taking in all that reveals itself to you.

As you come to face our sun on the ninth revolution, you now see the face of the Christic Archangel Arhaiel looking into your eyes, and you into Arhaiel's eyes. The Christic Sun-Spirit now sends seven luminescent rays into your heart like cosmic laser-darts of a high energetic nature. These rays sparkle with divine effervescence as they shoot through the depths of "space" and into your heart. Each one triggers a wave, or effulgence, of light and love out from you into the entire planet and causes the whole earth to glow with new iridescent crystalline colors in space.

Take time to free flow now with these new energies and consciousness frequencies knowing that as you do you are helping to integrate them for all beings within the collective consciousness of humanity.