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two new additions on our websites

1) A new article on this website called "The Boddhisatva Nature of the Soul":

2) At long last we now also have the Pure Gem Codex available in our subscriber's area as another gift to our Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron subscriber's.

What is the Pure Gem Codex? Its a body of information Maia brought through from the inner planes agencies she works with back in 1976! It has never been publicly revealed before. Its about twelve pages of material that relates a grand cosmic movement of human consciousness that spans the entire evolution of consciousness on earth and on into the early stages of what Thoth calls the New Earth Star [the ascended earth].

This body of work thus constitutes a macrocosmic perspective on the evolutionary thrust of the collective consciousness of humanity. The Pure Gem is our future destiny in terms of not only consciousness, but a completely transformed physicality, and we are in the final stages of its movement.

Each of the six master cycles of the Pure Gem are related with attunements and keynotes to provide vibrational access to the sacred knowledge held within the patterns of that cycle. By attuning ourselves to these patterns we can facilitate a more effective "completion" of all our own cycles within the Pure Gem thereby thrusting ourselves into a more easeful and accelerated pathing towards ascension.

The other categories of information related in the Pure Gem Codex are:

i) Numerous developmental sub-movements within each of the six Pure Gem major cycles.

ii) Tribes of the Pure Gem.

iii) The Twelve Lost Tribes.

iv) The twelve etheric cities of the Pure Gem.

v) The seven etheric gems of the Pure Gem.

vi) The Lemurian Seals.

vii) The offices of the Pure Gem for each cycle.

The Pure Gem Codex body of information also speaks to what is being called the "Temple Light," which is a higher dimensional master archetypal form that all sacred orders on the planet have, and will, spring forth from.

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