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07/23/06 a'aru mahalim global link

We were just informed by Thoth that Sunday July 23rd is an especially powerful day cosmically speaking to be working with the A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process. We have been guided to coordinate a Global Link for this purpose through this list.

We know this is a somewhat last minute revelation and that some of you may not even get this message in time. This is often the nature of these things, however. We have been informed that even if you get this message too late for the Global Link on Sunday the 23rd, you can do the A'aru Mahalim Clearing process after-the-fact with the intention of coordinating with the Global Link matrix and it will still contribute to the energy being generated within that overall intention.

This is a very simple Global Link. On Sunday July 23rd do the A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process we outlined in our previous email to this list [convenience link provided below]. Simply add the Global Link intention to your other intentions. In other words, intend that your process will join its power and directives with the overall field of energy that has been generated by the Global Link by the many others who will be joining us in this process for the stated purpose of transmuting the genetic codes of conflict within the Middle Eastern races.

Get the A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process.

Additionally, Thoth suggests that it would add further to the effectiveness of the process if at least some of us work to line up Mecca, Jerusalem, Callanish, the Great Pyramid and the Gate of the Sun at Lake Titicaca area.

To do this form a conscious energy linking with these points placing them in a Pentagram [five-pointed star] configuration and THEN connect them to the tri-plex stellar system of Sirius and back down into the center of the earth, like an infinity figure eight loop or lemniscate -- earth on one end, Sirius on the other, and the Pentagram in the middle.

I also received that for those of us who have regular occurrences of time sync taking place -- wherein you repeatedly find yourself looking a specific time on the clock like 11:11, 4:44, 9:33, 1:23 etc -- if you coordinate your process to that time on the clock on the 23rd in your local time it will also add to the effectiveness of your contribution. This is because these are "time-sync nodes" that you are in resonance with and at these points in the day you are able to briefly access the time continuum more effectively.

The Inner Light Network [ILN], Thoth and Chariot of the Sun, the Illumined Assembly of the Christos and their Merkabah of the Host will all also be participating with us in this process on the 23rd.

Remember that we are not opposing anything or trying to transmute these energies ourselves. We are offering these energies up to the Higher Powers in the universe to be transmuted. The A'aru Mahalim mandala and associated mantrams and procedures are for attunement to that which we are offering up. When we are attuned to those energies in a safe manner our offering of them to God-Spirit-Source and the Heavenly Host for transmutation is more effective.

See you all on the inner planes on the 23rd!