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third and final a'aru mahalim clearing process

Thoth came through yesterday and indicated that the next date for the third and final A'aru Mahalim clearing process Global Link is to be coordinated on Sunday September 17th, 2006.

Use the previous process we provided.

Also, today, after having received this date from Thoth yesterday, Maia found some collobrative information which also speaks of the date of September 17th, so we just provide this here for you to assess on your own. We do not necessarily resonate with everything in this info so as always listen to your heart.

Remember, in using this process we are actually working at a galactic level of consciousness. So this clearing process also offers us all an opportunity to become more attuned to galactic levels of awareness. When we work at the galactic level, much more significant results are obtained for the same effort than when we work at the planetary or personal levels.

Thank you to all who have been participating in various ways with the A'aru Mahalim Clearing Process. Thoth continues to encourage us to engage this process individually [on our own wherever and whenever] and collectively [in groups and through this upcoming Global Link].