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october 2006 divine alignment

I AM your True Self.

ALL that matters is to be found in your True Self.

From this level of being called True Self you have crystallized a vehicle in which to take the journey you call earth.

The vehicle is perfect, your relationship to it and acceptance of it may not be.

When you experience struggle, pain and suffering it is only because of resistance to your vehicle and its ultimate destination.

You live in a world of resistance, so it seems natural to think or feel that this is the way, but it is not.

Surrender is the way.

Surrender to the potential of letting go and allowing the vehicle to take you to your destination without resistance.

Surrender to the potential of love as your escort on this journey Divine.

Surrender to the power of love to transmute anything unlike it within your experience and along your way as you travel along the highway called earth.

The time is at hand, the many vehicles on earth are about to enter the final leg of their journey.

Learn to trust implicitly in the vehicle you have created while in a state of at-one-ment with Me, and you shall become the very living miracle you have sought after and worshiped all of your days on earth.

Divine-Self through Simeon Nartoomid