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two new ascension facilitation services

I [Simeon] have just completed the formulation of two new Ascension services offerings. Thoth has spoken to us us for some about what he calls the Heart Ascension. The Heart Ascension is the precursor to the Planetary Ascensions that he refers to as Light Principle Forty, or LP-40 for short.

The most comprehensive of these new services is the Radiant Heart Initiation. This is the next octave of the work I was doing previously which was entitled "Opening to Divine Grace." There is some overlap to be sure so if you have already done that previous work with me and wish to go through the Radiant Heart Initiation I will accelerate it to the next level for you.

The Radiant Heart Initiation is working with three primary components:

1) An informative component to help the linear mind harmonize with the initiation and thus not interfere so much as it might otherwise.

2) The field of my own experience in having worked consciously and diligently with this specific process for over 10 years hand in hand with Thoth and the other Illumined Ones we work with here at Spirit Heart Sanctuary. I will thus be sharing with you the tools that I have developed that I know definitely work for me and others. I will also provide you with some valuable information about techniques and metaphysical understandings I have discovered that that do not work so you don't waste any more of your valuable time and energy pursuing them.

3) Direct infusion of higher energies into your incarnate vehicle through quantum energy transmissions from the Illumined Ones through the energy field of this Station of Light which was established by these beings for this purpose.

For more details or to extend an invitation to me to facilitate a Radiant Heart Initiation for you please click here.

The second of these new Ascension Services I am offering is called "Divine Transmutation."  This represents a powerful way in which to deal with the limiting beliefs and other dross that can clutter one's space while attempting to operate in the energy environment of the current earth's collective consciousness.

In the Radiant Heart Initiation you are given a basic but powerful means of working with this dynamic, and you are provided with the core written information that is used in this particular session. However, in a Divine Transmutation session I cover the use of this more involved technique in-depth, and advanced techniques are introduced which expand upon one's ability to effectively elicit Divine Transmutation at will, for any situation, anywhere.

For further information or to extend an invitation to me to facilitate a Divine Transmutation session for you please click here.

I have been guided to develop, formulate and offer these two new offerings at this time because of the great need for more people within the collective consciousness to come closer to completion of their Heart Ascension and to be able to use the Greater Power of God-Spirit-Source to transmute the dross which we find in our life experiences. We have been informed that these are two of the most important things to be accomplished at this time to facilitate the Planetary Ascension process we are all attuned to and working to call into manifestation within our own lives and the collective consciousness of our world.

Herein lies one of the keys to world peace. It is only through finding that sense of joy that comes from being able to reside in states of inner peace ourselves that we can truly make a meaningful contribution to world peace. As a bumper sticker I recently saw said so eloquently:

"There is no path TO peace, peace IS the way."

I would add that it is an inside job first and foremost.