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november 2006 divine alignment

In the past I gave you the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This rule was My Guiding Light as you grew in awareness.

This rule has been a vehicle which has taken you far.

This rule was, however, never intended to take you all the way to your home destination.

I now give you the Platinum Rule to complete your journey home with.

The Platinum Rule is: do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

You now have the awareness to make this leap in consciousness.

In order to follow My Platinum Rule you must be able to see a situation through the eyes of the other.

The Platinum Rule beckons you to expand beyond perceptions which are colored by that which you prefer for yourself.

The Platinum Rule calls you to truly know what is important to the other.

You must literally learn to stand in the other's shoes in your conscious awareness and treat them according to what is perceived to be most beneficial for them, by them.

The Platinum Rule will cause you to expand in ways you have not yet experienced if you make a commitment to live by it.

The Platinum Rule will bring you into a greater understanding of the Many and the One, the unified diversity of My Creation.

The Platinum Rule will take you beyond your own boundaries and limited perceptions into the realm of unified Self, your true identity.

The Platinum Rule will bring your preciousness closer to your home in My Heart.

Divine-Self through Simeon Nartoomid