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11/23/06 global link

Thoth, as one of the five layered souls of of the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl, herein discusses with us the start (11/23/06) of the upcoming Fifth Day (9th Heaven) of the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan long count calendar - a calendar tracking the evolution of consciousness over time (versus defining cycles of time). This information was translated from Thoth through Maia Nartoomid.

THOTH: as earth enters into the FIFTH DAY of the Galactic Underworld, so the Christ Presence at the center of the planet will release a burst of light through the Serpent Path of Quetzalcoatl, coming forth through the roil point of the earth on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

The "Serpent Path of Quetzalcoatl" is a wave-form that naturally extends from the central sun atoma of this earth, connecting to the sun of our solar system, and from there into the Blue Star of Rigel in Orion. This wave-form moves constantly, flowing outward and inward from the earth's atoma, moving here and there like an electrical current in a sphere following an attracting current outside the sphere. The "attracting current" in this case is the fluctuations of the geo-magnetic energy of the planet. . . most especially at it's poles.

"Bursts" of light from this wave-form occur when an energy surge from the atoma of the planet is met by an energy surge from the sun of our solar system -- in turn, coming from the center of the galaxy. This particular burst of light on 11/23/06 carries the birthing power of the Cross of Quetzalcoatl. The true meaning of this cross is it's power in the center of the Divine Christic light body and the center of the galaxy to come together outside of time and space, and to create in that "spark" a new universal system. . . or rather a re-orientation of awareness akin to what you would define in your current understanding as a "new universal system."

When we say that the burst of light on 11/23/06 "carries the birthing power of the Cross of Quetzalcoatl" we mean that individual souls incarnate now on earth will have the opportunity to activate the "cross" in their own Divine light body. This activation does not mean instant godhood, but it does open a creative channel to the Cross at the center of the galaxy. Through this channel one may become "reborn" to the deeper pulse of the galactic wave-form Serpent. If enough people on earth quicken to the 11/23/06 burst of light, new and more defined PURE SPIRIT forms will begin to emerge from the "Underworld" of the unconscious and into the LIGHT of the NEW DAY. These "Spirit Forms" will merge with "physical" reality and change the very fabric of that reality in space-time. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? If there is a shift in the space-time reality of earth and no one can see both what it WAS and what it IS, do they even know the change has occurred? Only the most awakened souls may stand on both sides of the chasm and experience both realms at once, thereby being aware of both at the same moment.

The implications for this "reality change" are profound. Past histories will disappear and be replaced by new ones. . . most souls on the planet none the wiser to this dramatic shift. Yet such a "shift" will not happen in large bites, but in small nibbles. 11/23/06 carries the "birthing power" of one such "nibble."

As earth and it's inhabitants emerge into the FIFTH DAY, so they will be greeted by a new solar sun. . . new in the sense that it's atomic arrangement will be minutely different that it was the day before. Such a small change will go unnoticed by scientists - at least at the onset. Yet certain reactions will take place within the solar orb that will begin to reveal these changes to the earth's scientific community. Of greater importance, the earth will now begin to build solar power to sail it's "ship" into HOME PORT (the New Earth Star).

The Cross of Quetzalcoatl cannot operate in earth's solar system without the forces of the planet Venus acting through it, controlling it's frequency and formation between the Divine light bodies of earth's humans and the center of the galaxy. It is Venus that is the central gem in the Crown of the Archangel Christos as this power sits upon the Throne of the Midnight Sun.

Rex Mundi can also be seen to be suspended upon the Quetzal Cross.

I (Maia) will additionally be writing more on Venus, the Christos and the Cross of Quetzalcoatl in my next issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

MAIA: Was the recent earthquake on the Big Island connected to the coming Fifth Day "burst from the earth's atoma?

THOTH: It was. Much of the quaking activity on the planet for the last 30 days has been connected to the stirring of these energies deep in the earth. The Serpent wave-form is becoming more active.

MAIA: Simeon reported to me he had a high frequency ringing in his head that just started and then there shortly thereafter a colleague reported to me that a ringing sound as well as paranormal lights were being experienced in the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. According to you Rosslyn is over a major convergence of grids and ley lines, including one that is strongly connected to Venus. Is this phenomena connected to the coming energy burst on 11/23/06?

THOTH: It is. Such "ringing" and "humming" happens when the earth's inner atoma is stirring. This can occur inside the head as well, to those sensitive enough to pick up on it. Certainly there are other energy dynamics going on at Rosslyn, but it is currently registering the upcoming transfer of the field from the "Fourth Night" to the "Fifth Day" of the Galactic Underworld.

MAIA: Scientists are amazed and puzzled by the huge "hurricane" on the planet Saturn. Does this have any correlation to our entering the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld?

THOTH: Saturn is a time threshold. It responds to the universal movement in regulating mutations within the time-space warping. The "hurricane" being viewed on Saturn is a wormhole / portal of sorts building for the whole "New Earth Star" transformational process. The "Fifth Day" scenario is simply one more cog in an enormous wheel that is synchronized with the Saturn portal at this time.

Fifth Day Global Link Process

At our request Thoth has provided us with a Global Link process for harmonically attuning ourselves more closely to the incoming frequencies of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld so that we may join heats, minds and souls together to usher in the 9th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld (Fifth Day).

THOTH: Look upon the Venus-Quetzal Medallion Key (to the left -- click on image for larger size and further information).

  Visualize your solar center (solar plexus) connected to the center of the Venus-Quetzal Cross. Feel the pouring in of liquid light from the center of the Living Lights of this solar system as they open the passage through into the "Hunab Ku" of your Eternal Being. All forces come together for you in the NOW and you are filled with the presence and awareness of your true divinity.

Allow this presence to move like a serpent-wave from your atoma throughout the planet, acting as a vessel of transformation for all Oritronic half-light energy systems of the earth.

Now bring the "serpent" back to you in an infinity eight loop (lemniscate), so that you are at the center of the lemniscate. Allow the humming presence of the Serpent to enfold you and keep you upon the wave of the New Earth calibration of LIGHT. Do this whenever you feel out of synch with the earth's energy field.

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