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volume 01, 2007 numis'om ~ eye of metatron ready

We now have the new edition of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron available online (requires subscriber login - convenience link below).

Here is a peek at what is inside:

1) The Nine New Sheaths of Our Solar Sun: additional information on this ongoing unfoldment along with the special aloii (ancient Lemurian language) mantrams Thoth gave me for attuning to the harmonics of each of the nine new Solar Sheaths of our Sun. Additionally, as previously stated, there is a special multi-media presentation in the online version of this issue to help you embody the nine new Solar Sheaths.

Maia Christianne is chanting in the ancient Lemurian aloii language on this presentation (first language on the planet). If you have never heard her chant like this you are in for a real special treat. I have made a sample of this chanting available for all here (turn volume down on background music first using audio control above left).

When this is combined over the background music we are using in this presentation for effect while viewing the associated Solar Sheath psionic template, it is very powerful!

2) The Activation of the Kaua'i Lemurian Temple-Node: some further tidbits of information I gleaned from from Thoth on the Venus Temple Nodes and the upcoming activation of the one on Kaua'i.

3) The Cross of Quetzalcoatl: further information on this cross and its cosmic nature and dynamics. If you will recall this cross was introduced to you back in November 2006 with the message I brought through about our entry into the Mayan Fifth Day of the Galactic Undwerworld. Here is a link to the original message

4) The Foundation Stone of Yephyra: touching bases with this powerful and sacred dynamic once again and expanding upon what I wrote through a period in the 1990's on this. This is complete with a special template image that is NOT available in the Spirit Store. This image will be available free to all subscribers while this upcoming issue is current.

5) Life and Light of Numis'OM: further information on the nature of Numis'OM as a fluid reality which is our portal to the New Earth Star. The "Numis'OM: Light & Life Gallery and Oracle" presents 27 images I have created to represent the type of energy and places one might find in the Numis'OM reality.

6) The Master Builders - Their Legacy: touching bases again with the grouping of beings I know as the Master Builders (Sun Bow Clan) who left 33 geodetic markers in this earth aeons ago and which have guided humanity to this point. I herein provide the geographical locations of all 33 geodetic markers and some new information and a tribute to their work here on earth.

7) Heart-Speak with Thoth: an onging column where people write and ask Thoth questions to clarify or expand upon information he has given, and at times which open up entirely new avenues of exploration. This is the "interactive" and "co-creative" aspect of my "Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron" quaterly e-pub.

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The images in the last item above comprise a portion of the special new Numis'OM Light and Life Gallery and Oracle Maia created as another spiritual tool for attuning to the frequencies of Numis'OM, portal to the ascended earth. In that presentation, you get information and attunements with each image and can select either a standard mode where you can visually choose the images you want to work with from a thumbnail display of all of them, or, you can allow Spirit to randomly choose one for you to work with.

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