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april 2007 divine alignment

We are free and limitless,
We are limited and confined.

We are Spirit,
We are Matter.

We are Yin,
We are Yang.

These polarities are the primary fodder for our experiences of polarization, conflict and separation.

It is in the sublime place where these polarities meet in balance that we find peace.

There is no peace without this balance.

Our Resurrection and Ascension personally and collectively rides upon the heavenly scent of this peace

Sniff the air, you will find it there.

It emanates from a flower that has no season and never wilts or dies.

Fill your heart with the scent of this heavenly and eternal blossom.

Allow yourself to become saturated with its deep abiding peace.

It is the path of the Master of Love, who beckons you forth, and invites you to follow.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid