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numis'om ~ eye of metatron

I (Maia) am currently hard at work on Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron, Volume 02 - 2007. Here is a "sneak preview" of its contents:

Portals of the Old Earth - Re-orientation to New Earth

Some understanding of the re-orientation of certain ancient earth portals, such as Amaru Muru at Lake Titicaca: how and why they are stirring now to become synchronized with the New Earth Star, via Numis'OM.

The Retreats of Thoth

Thoth's Retreats in the Sangre de Christo mountain range of Colorado, and his main Retreat, in the caverns beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. How the two are merging and re-orientating to Numis'OM. What this will mean for those who work with this Master Being. What IS a "Retreat" in this context, and how may you travel to one.

Creational Life-Forms of the New Earth Star

The new life-forms being created on the leading "Edge" of Numis'OM, as it forms delicate tindrils for further expansion of the "New Earth." These life-forms are "neutrients" for our own health and asssimulation of RADIANT LIGHT, preparing us for the New Earth. How may we tap into this nutrition? One way is through the presentation I am creating, called the "Ascension Lotus Loci." An introduction to the Ascension Lotus Loci (ALL) will be in the upcoming Volume 02 - 2007 of Numis'OM. I am hopeful that I will have the ALL presentation ready by then as well. This presentation will be composed of several galleries - each representing a specific type of life-form.  Each gallery will contain a "random select," enabling them to persent themselves to you as they and your higher self so choose in the moment. The Ascension Lotus Loci will be exclusive for Numis'OM subscribers.

Also, some interesting Q&A with Thoth on several different topics. One of the questions:

Yet without the "Hall of Records" the conduit for the earth's moving into the next crystalline matrix zone cannot be achieved". From Thoth's perspective what is needed to bring this forward so that when everything is in alignment these 48 Enochian Master can come forth and release their keys and codes?

There is also new art with this issue, and if I get the Ascension Lotus Loci up as well, there will be a lot of new art!

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I have re-done both my Merkabah Logos Gallery and Healing Mandalas Gallery - some new images as well!

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