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atlantean-incan initiation at lake titicaca's isle of the sun

In 1978 I (Maia) recorded a series of ancient initiations which I gleaned from the Akasha. These recordings are a combination of descriptive narrative about the original initiatic ceremonies that were being brought through and my unique chanting. These recordings were made on a home stereo tape recorder, and given they were so old the tapes were deteriorating more each year. We made new tape copies of the originals around 1997 to help preserve them.

Recently I have been involved with some higher level spiritual dynamics relating to the ancient Incan culture and archetypes. I was guided to listen to my own Altantean Incan Initiation tape once again and I was struck by the pure spiritual power that I re-experienced anew nearly 30 years after I originally recorded this re-enactment of a very sacred ancient ritual.

Thus, upon my request, the Atlantean-Incan Initiation was digitally re-mastered by my partner Simeon. While the quality of the recording is not exactly the same as on a modern music CD, I feel that the energetic and spiritual power of the initiation has been retained, and my chants which are the most powerful part of this presentation have quite good quality and thus more than compensate for this. Simeon states that when he listens to this initiation it quickly draws him inwards into its matrix despite the age of the recording.

We have made this available as a downloadable MP3 and also as a music CD. I have six more of these types of initiations on tape that I may also make available if the interest is great enough to warrant the effort and expense.

You can obtain the Atlantean-Incan Initiation MP3 and/or the CD and listen to a sample in our Spirit Store.

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