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may 2007 divine alignment

One of the greatest obstacles any of us faces in achieving transcendence and thus union with our Divinity is the various limited identities we have assumed.

I speak here not just of our mundane vocational and familial identities, although they are certainly included. I speak here also of our identities in Spirit and related to our Spirit work: identities of being healers, channels, spiritual teachers, lecturers, authors, crystal magicians, various personages in previous incarnations, you name it. These too, can cause us great difficulty.

They are but temporal things, these identities. They are but tools, but in order to be used properly, the tools must be mastered so they can be wielded with great precision and not mistaken for the that which they are used to create.

Residing within our identities we cannot wield them with great precision, nor can we see them for the tools that they are. It would be like trying to wield a screwdriver while being inside the handle. You would not be able to use that tool very well while existing inside its handle, nor would you have much of an overview of how it fit into the bigger picture of the project at hand.

To the degree that we are able to stay connected with and experience the expansive portion of our being beyond limitation, we are also able to utilize various limited identities without getting caught up in them and mistaking them for who we truly are.

It's a dance, a real lively dance, darting in and out through the realm of limitation. But then, this is what we came for, and we get to apply our creative genius to the dance, to morph it into a new form which is even more beautiful than that which birthed it!

The realm of limitation holds ENORMOUS POTENTIAL despite all appearances. Just look at the energy released from matter in an atomic fission reaction. Matter is a form of energy that is operating in the realm of structure which is also a form of limitation.

All limitations have this magnitude of kinetic potential within them, we just do not see it much of the time. So here is where we start, we affirm the spiritual potential within the realm of limitation as an article of faith if nothing else. If we have not firmly enough established this foundation, we will get stuck in that which we came to morph and to mold. As we establish this frequency within our being more profoundly and deeply, our eyes widen and our vision deepens. We start to get glimpses of what the larger flow of limitless life really is really like, we drink from its font and sup at its table more frequently.

Then, one day, we find ourselves dining with our own Divinity, the Divinity of All-Being, and we no longer have any questions to be answered, or things that need to be proven or done, or places to go. We just are, and we can simply BE, and everything else flows from that space. Glory be!


by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid