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vol. 02, 2007 numis'om ~ eye of metatron now ready!

This is a very special issue because it unveils a major work which I have been planning on doing since somewhat before the inception of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron (late 2004). I promised this would eventually be coming as a part of Numis'OM, and here it is finally!

This is the Lotus Loci Frequency Matrix Galleries. The Lotus Loci are in brief New Life Forms which are forming in the reality which my sources refer to as Numis'OM. This is a "staging area" of sorts for the New Earth Star, the ascended reality we are headed towards.

I have created 189 (yes, that is correct) new images which are arranged in seven different Lotus Loci Frequency Matrix Galleries along with their 189 associated mantrams for further attunement (light and sound). These images are now available within these galleries, and these galleries are only available to the subscribers of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron currently.

For non-subscribers, I have provided a peek at the Lotus Loci galleries and the information contained in this latest issue of Numis'OM about them.

Additionally, this current issue is 26 pages long and has the following articles in it:

Portals of the Old Earth, Orientation to the New Earth: some understanding of the re-orientation of certain ancient earth portals, such as Amaru Muru at Lake Titicaca: how and why they are stirring now to become synchronized with the New Earth Star, via Numis'OM.

More ANKI'I Portals: a brief look a five more geographic locations for these portals between the old and new earth.

Etheric Retreats of Thoth: Thoth's Retreats in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of Colorado, and his main Retreat, in the caverns beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. How the two are merging and re-orientating to Numis'OM. What this will mean for those who work with this Master Being. What IS a "Retreat" in this context, and how may you travel to one and interact there with those specific Masters and energies for personal and planetary ascension. Also, a sepcial look at the the "Asuala Retreat" and its entrance mechanisms at Lake Titicaca.

Thoth and the Emerald Table: The Emerald Table of Thoth, its relationship to his Lake Titicaca Retreat now that it has been moved from under the Great Pyramid to its new home at Thoth's Lake Titicaca Retreat and how it has recently also had the 13th Tablet (octave) re-activated and upgraded by Thoth.

The 13th Sun Disc of Amaru: the result of the opening of the Lotus of the 9 New Solar Sheaths covered in the last issue of Numis'OM, this is located also in Thoth's Retreat at Lake Titicaca. This 13th Sun Disc is designed such that it directs the creational flow and hierarchal expansion of the New Earth through a special arrangement of alchemical emeralds working with the Elohim. Also the relationship between this Sun Disc and the Venus Temples and Gate.

Life Forms of the New Earth Star: this is an in-depth look at the nature of the creational matrix spawning new life forms in the New Earth Star through the portal of Numis'OM, truly the "Eye of Metatron." Herein are unveiled the Lotus Loci, focuses of intent which morph and form new types of life and manifestation which are the fundamental basis for the manifestation of the New Earth Star ascended reality. These life forms are born of a cosmic fractal geometry that resonates at octaves of consciousness that are highly resonant with the unified field. The 189 images arranged in 7 separate frequency matrix galleries are designed to help you attune to these frequencies and to bring them into your being to close the gap and create the bridge between old earth and new earth.

Heart Speak with Thoth: questions and answers between readers and Thoth and myself (Maia). There are some rather interesting questions that have been asked in this issue by three separate individuals representing three different countries! Thoth reveals some true gems in this issue here in this regular column of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

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Maia Christianne Nartoomid