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june 2007 divine alignment

What is your truth?

Is it the gamut of ephemeral emotions you feel in the course of daily life?

Is it the reactions and responses you may have to the circumstances of daily life?

Is it found in a perception, perspective or point of view?

Is it found in some book or body of knowledge?

Is it found in a doctrine or theology?

Is it found in ritual or ceremony?

Is it to be found in material things?

No, truth is not to be found in any of these places or things, although truth may weave its golden thread through them at times.

Truth is a by-product of the rarified state of being known as love.

This is not love as a doing or feeling, but love as a pure state of being.

Loving doings and feelings emanate from this most sacred state of being.

Truth follows, always.

Speaking your truth thus means speaking your love.

Anything less is best not considered to be your truth.

Anything less is your limitation, which needs your truth.

If you make limitation your truth, then this is where you will reside.

by Rev. Simeon Nartoomid