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understanding your cosmic code: purpose, genetic frequency, guidance

I (Simeon) have been guided to offer a new ascension facilitation session entitled "Understanding Your Cosmic Code: Purpose, Genetic Frequency and Guidance."

This is both a teaching and a "reading". If you have been wondering about your purpose in this incarnation or you seek to be more proficient in working with your own inner guidance, this is the session for you at long last (many have been asking for something like this).

In this session I help you to understand the Cosmic Code that was imprinted upon your Personality Crystal in the crown chakra just above your head at the time of your birth, and as well the imprinting which was made in your Design Crystal located in what is called the "G-Center" at 88 degrees of arc of the Sun prior to your time of birth.

Both are very important, the Personality Crystal carries the encoding you use at a conscious level, while the Design Crystal carries the encoding you use at an unconscious and cellular level. The combination of these two sets of Cosmic Encoding hold information regarding your incarnate purpose, your genetic frequency and the nature of your own unique inner guidance system (and much, much more as well).

To read your Cosmic Code I am using an esoteric system that I have been studying in depth for a year now called "Human Design." It is a system that was revealed to its founder in a mystical experience and which is a synthesis of the principles of the I'Ching, the Hindu Brahman nine chakra system, esoteric astrology (calculates two charts one for each of the two crystals), and the Holy Kabbalah. I have found it to be very accurate and to have tremendous depth and dimensionality.

My guides and guidance have encouraged me to put this together and start offering it so that I can facilitate the process of helping Light-Love Workers to more fully embody their purpose for being here which in turn facilitates the planetary transformation and ascension. We all need to be as deeply in touch with our purpose and inner guidance as possible.

Over the years both Maia and I have worked with many, many people that have sought to do just this. It is now time to take the services I offer in this regard to the next octave because that is where everything is shifting! The more conscious we can be about our purpose and working with our inner guidance the more effective agents for the ONE GREAT LOVE we become!

If you reserve a session before the end of this month (June 2007) I will not only include your Human Design Bodygraph as a PDF (left image below), but also your Human Design Mandala (right image below) also in PDF.

These as shown are cropped for use as small images, but the bodygraph also contains your basic information in the full-sized PDF version. You can see full-sized PDF examples of both the bodygraph and the mandala at the link below along with much more in-depth information and a means to reserve your session

Read More About "Understanding Your Cosmic Code."

This information is so powerful and so much fun I truly look forward to working with you!